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Will the Truth Set America Free?

Will Twitter open Pandora’s Laptop?

As America heads into a serious recession, Biden spews platitudes of how we are winning the war on Climate Change while the average American family tries to figure out how to put gas in their cars, heat their homes, and put food on the table. It amazes me how in just two short years Joe Biden and his band of liberal socialists have turned our country upside down and he has two more years left to complete the total demise of America as the leader of the free world. As they say after the Great Reset you will own nothing and be happy and we are getting closer to that point with each passing day.

While corruption runs rampant in just about every agency of our government bureaucracy, it appears that there is little or no opposition to the liberals’ agenda. One has to think that many of the republicans we have elected to office are not really republicans but moderate democrats in disguise. Or could it be that conservative voters are the culprits who have handed our country to the progressive left in the midterms because they didn’t want to use mail-in ballots or got discouraged standing in long voter lines, leaving the polls without casting their vote. We saw much of this attitude in the Arizona mid-terms where the democrats won by slim margins because they used mail-in ballots and numerous problems and delays at the polls. Maybe it is time that we conservatives used some of the democrats’ strategy because that appears to be the way we can win future elections.

While Biden’s policies have made our southern border a welcoming gate for just about any foreigner wanting to enter our county illegally our head of Homeland Security tells us daily that the border is secure. What he can’t explain is why millions have escaped throughout the interior of our country. The next step for the socialist progressives will be to make all of these illegals citizens of the U.S. and give them voting rights, then they will truly control our country without cheating in our elections. We hear about the danger of the cartels and the tons of cocaine and fentanyl that are being confiscated every day, but it seems no one in the Biden administration cares about the one hundred thousand Americans who die each year because of these drugs. What is worse is the human trafficking that is taking place putting many of these illegal migrants into a position of servitude and even prostitution to pay back the cartels for getting them into America.

Why is it that so many Americans blame the Covid Pandemic for the problems we currently have when this did not even meet the qualifications of a real pandemic? The CDC will tell you that we lost just as many to the Spanish Flu in 1918 as we did to covid but what they never mention is that the U.S. Population is 232 million larger now than in 1918 significantly lowering the percentage of deaths to the total population. Fact is that we are now learning that more Americans are dying because they were vaccinated than those who remain unvaccinated. We will never truly know how many Americans died of Covid because so many that were infected had comorbid conditions that contributed to their death and very few autopsies were done on the dead. The democrats blame covid on Trump when it was, they who took over in 2020 and kept our schools and small businesses closed. It was Joe Biden who mandated vaccinations for government employees and our military personnel which has seriously inhibited the recruitment of new personnel causing problems for America’s readiness. Thanks to Joey the pharmaceutical companies will be billions richer and able to contribute a lot more to the democrats in the 2024 presidential election.

I guess the real question is are we a country in decline? I don’t think we are there yet, but I will tell you that we are definitely heading down the Road to Perdition. One must be able to observe the obvious, that the left has taken over 90% of our information resources. We continue to read their newspapers, watch their TV news programs and use their social media in our everyday lives and as long as we continue to do that they will be in control. Most of us have not yet realized that we are being cultured to believe these news sources and whatever they say. Ahhh but therein lies the rub. The media and social media technology sources where we get most of our information have been found out as Pandora’s Box is being opened as we write this article. The truth is now being told that many of our media sources, especially those using electronic technology to control our thinking have been coopted by our government to skew information that would be damaging to those in charge. Now thanks to Elon Musk we are finding that the employees at Twitter were responsible for withholding important information on Hunter Biden’s laptop just prior to the 2020 election for fear it would lead to Joe Biden losing the race. Once again, the American people have been fooled and cheated out of knowing the truth before an important election.

Will we get to the bottom of this huge scandal, or will the republicans be rebuffed by the Washington Bureaucracy who will do everything in their power to keep the truth from coming out? The stakes are huge, and the democrats know that a scandal of this magnitude could actually bring about impeachment proceedings against a sitting president destroying their liberal agenda of transforming America. Why do you think they are so actively going after the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk as he holds the cord on the guillotine that could cut off their heads. Or will Mr. Musk make a deal with the devil and hold back pertinent information to keep the swamp monsters from pursuing further investigations into his companies.

What could be the consequences if the facts bear out that Twitter and other tech companies were responsible for suppressing the truth about Hunter’s laptop causing the election to swing in Biden’s favor? Will our republican congress have the willpower to issue new rules and regulations reeling in these technology behemoths? Or will they once again decide to serve themselves instead of the American people who elected them to office, and pretend there is nothing they can do? The bigger question is what other news and social media sources have participated in the censoring of import information at the behest of government agencies? “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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