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Will the Demise of Obamacare Solve our Healthcare Problems?

The simple answer to the question is “NO”. What it will do is hopefully is to give a reprieve to most people on the cost of their annual premiums but even that is somewhat sketchy since we don’t know what they will replace it with. The more serious problem to solve is how we will get better results from the current healthcare system which continues to treat the symptoms of our diseases instead of the root cause of the disease itself. According to the Commonwealth Fund we spend $9,086 per person annually and have a life expectancy of 78.8 years while Switzerland the second highest spending country, spent $6,325 per person and its life expectancy is 82.9 years. In fact, the U.S. is ranked 37 out of 190 countries in healthcare systems.

One would think that with all of the money spent on research in the past 40 years we would have had at least a few real breakthroughs in diseases like Cancer, MS, or Parkinson’s but indeed all we seem to be able to do is to save a small amount of the lives that are affected by these diseases. Sometimes I believe we don’t have a healthcare system but instead a disease care system.

Could it be that we spend too much time focusing on symptoms instead of treating the causes of the disease? For instance, if you have cancer the recommended standard treatment is radiation, chemo or surgery. We don’t care that the tumor may have been caused by a bad diet too rich in animal protein or processed sugar. If a patient has a heart attack the call is to put stents in your arteries or do an angioplasty instead of trying to find out why the artery is blocked in the first place. When we focus on the symptoms we tend to ignore the root cause of the problem and it’s likely the symptoms will return in a more dangerous format.

Doctors tend to rely on unnatural drugs for treating many symptoms whereas most drugs originally came from plants with biological properties useful in treating disease. For years plants were used in holistic ways to bring patients bodies back into balance. Now we create these new drugs in huge pharmaceutical labs using unnatural chemical substances that have been substantially changed from their original plant-based biological makeup. Why do we do that? The answer is that the pharmaceutical companies can’t patent natural medicines and therefore can’t make a lot of money with them. The more the natural chemical is changed the more problematic it becomes once in our bodies causing undesirable side effects. This is why when you see a commercial for a new drug on TV they tell you about all of the side effects that can happen if you take this new drug.

Why is it that we have over the last 40 to 50 years abandoned natural medicine in favor of the unnatural medicine? Why is it that we don’t look for the root cause of disease and instead treat the symptoms? The answer is purely economic in nature. You can’t patent naturally occurring substances like vitamin C so it’s hard to make a profit selling it and therefore it would not be recommended by the Big Pharma companies as a treatment. Who are the authorities when it comes to what drugs patients are prescribed? Well, of course, it’s the Big Pharma companies who finance the medical schools and pay them research grants while teaching the new class of graduates which drugs that they manufacture are the best to use for particular diseases. When the Doctors graduate the Big Pharma follow them into their fields and continue to hold conference after conference on their products all the while instilling in them the credo that the unnatural drugs that they sell are the best for a particular disease.

If Doctors were to actually treat the disease instead of the symptoms patients might actually get well and they would have no reason to visit the doctor for their ailments, but that wouldn’t be good for the Doctors who have hundreds of thousands of dollars of college debt and need the business to pay that debt off. Big Pharma would lose a fortune if people actually started getting well and didn’t need their drugs. Doesn’t it make you wonder why we have spent the last 45 years looking for a cure for cancer and it is still as elusive as ever? The drug companies will tell you that the new chemo drugs will extend life but in reality, the five-year survival rate for cancer patients using chemotherapy is minuscule and the statistics used by the American Cancer Society are very misleading.

If you’re an American your chance of getting cancer are 1 in 3. If you’re a male, they are 1 in 2. In the 1940s, only 1 in 16 would develop cancer in their lifetime. Over $100 Billion is spent on Chemotherapy drugs each year and the World Health Organization says that approximately 14 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed around the globe each year, and the number of new cases is expected to increase by about 70 percent over the next 2 decades. It would seem to me that we had better figure out a cure pretty soon or there is going to be a lot more pain in this world. I often wonder what would happen in our country if we actually found a cure for Cancer which is a $125 billion industry. Since 1971 when President Nixon declared War on Cancer more than $500 billion has been spent on finding a cure and the cancer death rate has hardly budged. How many people would be out of work if a cure was found tomorrow?

Be sure to watch for the next installment on solving our healthcare problem. The cure for cancer and other autoimmune diseases is right in front of our noses, but everyone pretends to be blind because they’re making lots of money while people are dying all around them.