Trump Is Looking To Add One Hispanic-American

This morning I heard on TV and over the Internet that President-Elect Trump is still looking for a USDA director, preferably Mexican. Apparently, Mr. Trump holds the mistaken idea that aptitudes for agriculture, ranching and timber industries are inherited in the genes, in need of diversity consideration.

Does he have any inkling of the qualification needed for this MASSIVELY IMPORTANT position? Does he comprehend that this federal agency represents highly technical industries involving large economically significant Ag business operations? Does he realize that increasing federal land acquisitions have been threatening “private property” which is the very foundation of our form of government and freedom from totalitarian subservience?

Also, I do hope that our future president is not being influenced in his stand against the Global Warming hoax. Unfortunately, Trump’s liberal-minded daughter Ivanka has helped Al Gore meet with him to sell his “big lie”, hopefully unsuccessfully.

I understand Donald Jr. was instrumental in the selection of US Rep. Ryan Zinke for Director of Dept. of Interior. They share a love of hunting and fishing in the vast Great West, and likely envision this entire western region resembling a future Serengeti of the World with an abundance of wildlife species roaming over it. In reality, this is the land of minerals essential for manufacturing (including uranium); real-estate and agricultural industries that provide our food; timber-rich forests currently locked up and ruthlessly mismanaged under the USDA.

Does any of this have any significance to Eastern legislators? The West is desperately in need of leadership thoroughly tuned into the many complex and threatening problems evolving out of misunderstanding and often arrogant mismanagement policies of past and present federal administrations. It is all so serious that the very future of the entire country and American way of life is at stake!

It is becoming apparent that the Trumps are in need of much more information, deeper insight, and highly qualified alternatives. QUICKLY!

Gem State Patriot News