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Will Boise become the next Denver?

Will Idaho become the next Colorado?

Dr. Livingston was right when he said that the republican party is broken, and we have a dichotomy of leadership. You have the old-line elitists like Little, Otter, and Jones who want to continue to wield the same power they’ve had for decades. Then you have the new conservative faction led by Dorothy Moon who see how poorly our government has been run for the past 20 years and want to reform many bad policies and reduce government to actually serve the people. Idaho has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two decades but the people who run our state have never made the changes that are necessary to escape the inevitable problems that occur with unbridled growth.

There has been virtually no planning to deal with the increased population expansion which has caused our highways to be congested, our sewer and water systems to be overtaxed, and our education system to fail so badly because of government mismanagement. The old-line politicians have aligned with the corporate establishment like IACI which made sure that there was growth in new corporate businesses that received all kinds of tax breaks but forgot who pays for those tax incentives. The people of Idaho who pay the bills through property and income taxes have been left behind when it comes to repairing and expanding the infrastructure for the growth created by these new corporate entities. While everyone would like to blame the developers for the many problems, we currently have it is the politicians both local and state that are the real problem.

Developers have been permitted to run wild, building on just about every piece of land available within driving distance to our capital without being required to make the investments critical to the repair and expansion of our infrastructure. Growth has a cost, and no one wants to pay the piper, so impact fees are kept artificially low. The easiest way for the government to get the money it needs for infrastructure is to increase property taxes. Every time a new corporation comes to the Treasure Valley along with it comes many new employees who need homes to live in, schools for their children to attend, and expansion of essential facilities.

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The developers and new corporations have never contributed their fair share to the needed infrastructure. Instead, they have contributed tons of money to the politicians who run our state which have helped keep their costs low. The impact fees that are charged on new construction don’t come close to covering the costs associated with the growth. Many of Idaho’s political problems have essentially been created by corporate growth, in the Treasure Valley. This is not much different than what happened in Denver, and we all know how that turned out. We have 180 bureaucratic agencies in a state with 1.8 million people. The government has grown too fast, while our state budget has doubled in the past 4 years, much of it is associated with medical services. You would think that our legislature was filled with liberal democrats. Our old-line politicians don’t want to solve the problem because it is not good for their political futures. Just think how egregious the grocery tax is on low-income Idahoans, but we can’t seem to find support in a legislature that is 80% Republican to eliminate it. This alone has to make you wonder who these legislators are really working for.

If we want to reverse this process of Idaho becoming another Colorado, we had better wake up and smell the horse manure that our politicians have been feeding you for the past 10 years. While I would not call Idaho a conservative state as such, I would say it is a libertarian state where people want to be left alone and we saw that in the 2016 primary when Senator Ted Cruz took 60% of the vote. I have lived in several states that have turned from conservative to liberal in my lifetime and there are fewer and fewer places for conservatives to move where they can avoid this blue surge.

All I can do is give you the benefit of my 78 years of experience in this world and let you know that the freedoms our Constitution guarantees us as American citizens are rapidly slipping away and if we don’t act soon, they will be gone. We are a country under siege, and we have to recognize that to do nothing is to capitulate to the left. Fixing the problem will take hard work, especially on the political front. We need to convince those who are capable of running for office to get off their high horses and do something to stop this continued deterioration in our state by running for local office and our state legislature. It is up to us to support these candidates and help get them elected or we will all suffer the consequences of our inaction.

So, as my good friend and former Constitutional Attorney Christ Troupis used to say, keep riding your ATVs, watching football, drinking beer, and letting the left run the country. Wake up Idaho, the future is in your hands. Remember evil triumphs when Good Men do nothing.

“We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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Since we can’t get rid of grocery tax…make it a benefit. Return $350 per person up to 100k income…sliding scale to 0 for 100 to 150k. Big buck spenders/tourists won’t care…and the working man supporting our state growth needs the boost!
The latest “property tax” solution for homeowners was a joke!. The simplest and easiest solution would have been to just double (or more) the homeowners exemption.
Apathy in our republican party in terms if showing up and voting has become absurd. There is ZERO accountability for our legislators voting actions. Part of the problem is the distinct lack of communication within the republican party in terms of voter communication.
When was the last time time the everyday registered Republican received communication from the party?….the democrats are winning because they are well organized and communicate.

Went to a craft fair at Thunder Ridge HS in Idaho Falls last weekend. Our school system is failing because what I encountered there is a mall atmosphere rather than an educational atmosphere. There is a lot of stuff we need to get serious about here in Idaho and just throwing money at it won’t cut it. All you have to do is look at the building to know they’re not serious.

People complain. Do not vote or vote for who they are told to. The worst enemy conservatives have is BSU. Yet everyone give up everything and watch the games. Who is working on securing the votes? Nobody

Rather than eliminating the grocery tax we should adjust the grocery tax rebate that residents get back when they file their income taxes. The rebate should be set at a level so most people effectively get their grocery tax payments back. By adjusting the rebate we ensure that part time residents and tourists who buy groceries while in Idaho continue to pay those taxes.

Great article Robert.

As you point out the developers are not to blame. They do what developers do. “upzoning” with Special Are Permits) that are never in compliance with State Statute (Special Use Permits). Legislators and city fathers turn their eyes away from the malfeasance toward campaign contributions and sponsored events that are much cheaper to fund than “impact fees” as they raise our taxes. The developers take them out to dinner “at the club” and laugh all the way to the bank as they leverage existing open space to help with their next project—until they get upside down along the way and some hedge fund manager in Hong Kong will decide what happens to Idaho lands.

I am very lucky to live in Idaho. That said, my former state (Washington) has gone full Newsom/California. I see the politicians making the same moves that destroyed Washington.
If the good people of Idaho (and they are too) don’t take the bull by the horns they will lose a beautiful state along with their rights, money, and children.
Now is the time for radical change because the alternative is total failure.
Politics as usual won’t get it done.
Grand speeches won’t get it done.
Legislative failures won’t get it done. (tax reform)
If we are to save Idaho it will take bold and stern action.
In the final analysis, only those who love their children will fight. Those that don’t will follow the same old worn out path and accomplish nothing for the people.

I’ve got ideas on how to change things for the better. Sadly I doubt that anyone really wants change. It’s too inconvenient and no one wants to be bothered with protecting children and preserving liberty. You know, silly stuff like that…

Apathy and temerity are two major weaknesses that the people have to overcome. That and getting rid of RINOs and the bribery that comes with mega donors…

First thing to address: Elections

There is no way to convince me that in a state this red, when a high percentage of Trump-endorsed MAGA candidates across the country won in 2022, that in THIS red state, they all lost including the candidate for Governor who was twice publically endorsed by Trump. In addition, Gov. Little was personally responsible for killing off around 25% of small Idaho businesses with his non-scientific Covid dictates. This has been well established in the press. So we must have enjoyed that Covid nonsense I guess???

In addition, while Idaho is a relatively clean state election-wise, Ada County is not. We just ‘re-elected’ a far-left, globalist, climate-worshipping Democrat boob to be mayor, whose first act was to ask for money to travel to Dubai for a UN ‘Climate Conference’? Really? In Idaho?

1) Rig elections
2) Point to rigged election ‘victory’ as proof of public mandate
3) Turn Boise into San Francisco East.

This is how they conquered California…

Great write-up! Medical services are sorely lacking and declining. Others states all have at least one top university medical school with research and various specialties. Most have several in addition to private medical colleges and hospitals. My husband had a 4mo wait for cancer radiation treatment. We went out of state and returned healthy before we could have even started here. No excuse. I suggest people call the two national hospital corporations in the state and inquire about the M.D. staffing of the pediatric, vascular, orthopedic, and other departments – both as consults and surgeries. Maybe several other specialities as well. Not sure why incoming residents chose this state.

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