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Confusing America

If you’re wondering why Americans are so confused, it is because we have been under a barrage of propaganda from the leftist-controlled liberal media for many years. We used to be a nation of readers, but we have transitioned to a nation of listeners and watchers. What we have been watching and listening to has been undermining our thought processes for several decades. Television, the internet, and social media platforms have literally taken over our lives from entertainment to relevant news. The search engines we use like Google and the social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook know more about our lives than we do, and you can bet they apply that knowledge to help us make many important decisions. They tell us what the best foods are to consume, how we should act in public, what media we should watch, and best of all who we should be voting for in the next election.

Think about it; if they were able to convince at least 270,227,181 Americans or 81% of the population to take at least one dose of an experimental vaccine how many voters could they convince to vote for a particular candidate in the presidential election of 2024?

We have done some homework on how search engines and social media affect the outcomes of our elections and the results are quite scary. We already know that these technology companies have been infiltrated and weaponized by the federal government thanks to Elon Musk, who could be considered a hero for exposing this abrogation of our First Amendment rights. We already know that these Big Tech companies have withheld important information from the public about the Hunter Biden computer before the 2020 election, and surveys of voters have told us that having this information may have changed the outcome.

“Duh” Research suggests that search engines and social media platforms have access to such a vast amount of data that they can pinpoint the most vulnerable who are easily influenced. We know that search engines and social media platforms have the most influence on those who are uninformed or under-informed. The question is who do they think are the most vulnerable to search engine manipulation?

They concluded it was Divorcees, moderate Republicans, and subjects who reported low familiarity with the candidates as among the easiest groups to influence. (Moderate Republicans were the most susceptible of any group.) What we are talking about is mind control on a massive scale. Robert Epstein, a research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research in Vista, California, has found that the higher a politician ranks on a page of Internet search results, the more likely you are to vote for them.

The 2024 presidential election is expected to be a close one based on how divided our country currently is, and experts point out that elections can often be won by margins smaller than 1%. Epstein cites an example that “If 80% of eligible voters have Internet access and 10% of them are undecided, the search engine effect could convince an additional 25% of those undecided to vote for a target candidate, which was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

That type of swing could determine the election outcome, as long as the expected win margin was 2% or less.” This study was done in 2015, so can you imagine with the advancements in these new search engines and social media platforms equipped with AI, by how much larger of a magnitude they can manipulate our election process? If you add to that the influence that we know has been exerted by our own government agencies to favor democrats and the knowledge that the DOJ and FBI have been weaponized to create a scenario that MAGA conservatives are the enemy, it is easy to see how they can influence the upcoming elections.

This process is no different in local or state politics when it comes to influencing those easily swayed voters and we can see that in our own election process right here in Idaho. Anyone who thinks for a minute that the corporate establishment aligned with the establishment republicans are not using these platforms to influence voters is not thinking at all. Let us call to mind the recent mayoral election between Snitch McLean and former Boise Sheriff Masterson where only 43% of registered voters turned out to vote. This is truly endemic of what is happening to Idaho and many other former conservative bastions in our country. Before our very eyes, we are seeing the transformation of our capital city into a virtual swamp of liberal sludge.

Looking at the number of registered voters who went to the polls it is easy to see that there is a certain apathy taking place very much like what happened to Denver.

You can bet that the media both social and otherwise played an important part in this mayoral election. Or maybe it was just because it was hunting season, and everyone was out looking to kill some wild game instead of paying attention to the important matter of who runs our government. When they come for the guns, maybe politics will get a bit more attention than hunting season but until then, Boise and the Treasure Valley will continue turning a bright liberal blue.

“We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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Influence or not, when voters cannot follow simple instructions or even READ the plain words on their ballot, we are doomed. As a poll worker, I have seen way too many people who have no idea what they are voting for even when they bring in the “vote for these” cards from various political groups. When they drop their ballot in the box and then come up asking why they could not vote for a certain issue and you explain that that particular item WAS on their ballot, (they failed to read the VOTE BOTH SIDES printed at the bottom of the page and ignored the issuing clerks instructions that it was a two-sided ballot) it doesn’t matter who influenced them. Influence goes only as far as the common sense of the voter and sadly, I see more and more voters who have no idea what they are doing at the ballot box.

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