Why Trump had to Lose

The author is an excellent researcher but wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

Everyone is aware of the censorship going on by FB, Twitter, etc. I am going to try to explain why as briefly as I can. If not familiar with the World Economic Forum Great Reset you need to learn about it. If you have any questions please ask, you can share this but ask that my email address is removed. If you want links to validate what I am saying just ask.

The basics, WEF partners with most global corporations in which FB and google belongs. 5G is the mode by which corporations will operate because it can collect and transfer data more easily. That data is being used with Artificial Intelligence to create algorithms that will control everything, in this case, media. All WEF partners are tasked with implementing the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals (SDG).

As soon as Biden was certified as the official president-elect, the WEF began executing this agenda by taking full control of information on social media, hence the removal of Twitter accounts and FB pages.

Amazon web services is a WEF partner and that is why Parler was hit. FB, Google, and YouTube (owner Alphabet is WEF partner) had already gathered the data for algorithms so they knew who to censor, delete, or ban. Twitter is owned by Alphabet and is in partnership with the UN Global Pulse initiative on big data and AI for the “public good”, and the SDG. It too had massive amounts of data accrued to delete accounts. All of this is why it has happened so fast.

A primary objective by all of these entities is removing information they find does not meet the SDG objectives which includes anything they consider violent, not inclusive, wrong, offensive, not accepting of diversity, and the list goes on. Right now, FB is working with the WEF to limit information on covid vaccines to only what they want you to know so FB pages will be censored or even deleted, Google will either remove it or put it so deep in the list it can’t be found, same with Twitter. As everyone has seen this tactic extends far beyond just these topics, and will only continue to get worse. This agenda will expand to all areas of life, education, agriculture, health care…everything. It will be a corporate-controlled world.

Biden is a supporter of the WEF, John Kerry stated “It will happen”, and is why cabinet appointments include so many corporations. Inside congress are members who also belong to the WEF, both Dem & Rep. Every federal agency partners with the UN. The WEF & UN signed a strategic framework agreement to move forward implementing the SDG and funding it. WEF is more powerful and has the wealth to do this.

Bottom line, WEF partners (corporations & others) are executing the Great Reset starting with media. Consider it the Nazi book burning of the 1930s. This is a 25″ video that explains why Trump was a target. Watch before it gets removed also. Information is disappearing rapidly.

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How can we find out which Dems and especially Republicans that are subscribing to the reset? Please advise. There is no email link available.

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