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Fighting Back

For months now, the global social media giants have been eliminating from their formats anything that they consider to be abusive of their rules. What you have to remember is they make up the rules as they go along to reach their goals of limiting the freedom of speech.

I myself was personally removed and banned from Facebook 2 months ago for no valid reason. While I take my removal as an affront to my freedom of speech and the right to express myself to the public through the Gem State Patriot, Facebook decided that I might be a threat to their agenda. We moved to a new site “Parler” which has since been taken down by the Tech Giants because they actually allowed us to express our first amendment right under the constitution.

While moving to different sites is somewhat disruptive and a challenge, it has taught us that you cannot rely on any single source to get out information to the masses.

The Gem State Patriot is currently working to make its presence known on Gab Social Media which you can find at We have only been on for a short time but are not posting all Gem State Articles on their board as they are published on the Blog under TeaPartyBob.

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We are looking for other alternative platforms that will not curtail our freedom of speech and are easily accessible to the public. We urge all of our readers to assess their social media choices along with their choices for an e-mail provider, as we know that Google, which is the largest free email provider, is also one of the Tech leftists who use sell information and can intrude on our privacy any time they wish.

They are also part of the group that has taken down Parler and are going after our constitutional right to free speech. There are many alternative email providers and you can do your own search or take a look at this link to find other providers:

As sleepy Joe and his cohorts take over the administration, privacy is going to become more precious to everyone as we know that they do not want patriots talking to each other or to have the ability to broadly disseminate information. If you’re looking for a very private way to send e-mails, Proton may be the provider for you. It has a free service but also provides a paid-for service that is encrypted and totally secure.

In the coming months, we are going to see many executive orders passed down by the Biden administration that will effectively kill our once-thriving economy under President Trump but also try to bring us under the thumb of new government regulations. They will undo everything that Trump had put into place and try to bring the American economy to its knees.

We are going to be living in a world where government controls and knows our every movement, can listen to our most private conversations, and will control just about every facet of our lives through new regulations. Folks this is the beginning of the new world order which began in Davos with some of the wealthiest men in the world who want to change our country which has been the stumbling block to them for decades in their quest for a one-world government.

Just look at what has happened in the past 4 years, and it should tell you that we have elected ourselves out of our constitutional freedoms. I don’t much care if you liked Trump or not, he was a businessman with no obligation to the deep state. He is a man who wanted to put America first and to give everyone in this country an opportunity to succeed and he was doing an excellent job of achieving that goal under the most hostile conditions of any elected president in our history.

You can bet that they are already rewriting the history books about him and will leave him with a legacy of nothing more than a loud-mouthed bully who led our country the wrong way during the Covid Hoax.

We are under attack by the very elected politicians we voted into office who promised to abide by the constitution, but who have only been interested in furthering their own agendas for their own benefit. Americans woke up when Trump was elected because they saw someone who took the job of being President seriously and executed good business practices to bring the economy to new heights not seen since President Regan. The fact is that he was too good at his job and the corporate giants saw a threat to their power as he changed the game plan from corporate success to the personal success of the people.

Removing us from the climate change accord, which would have imposed an enormous burden on Americans as they taxed all energy resources that were carbon-based, was one of his biggest victories. He reversed many of our trade agreements that would benefit American workers and force the large corporations to bring jobs that they had shipped overseas for cheap labor back to our country. He told the lobbyists to go to Hell and refused to do their bidding. He refused to play ball with the deep state and threatened to expose their corrupt dealings.

For all of Trump’s efforts, he was hounded by the left for just about any imagined crime they could come up with to the point of impeaching him without even so much as a hearing in the House of Representatives. This reprehensible act will backfire on Nancy and her group of cronies that obey her every command as we will see in the 2022 election cycle.

Keep in mind, all is not lost as we are still 72 million strong and willing to stand up and fight for our rights, but we must learn to make better choices regarding who represents us in government. This is the key to taking back our nation, and we need to get rid of the socialists and RINOs who are once again leading us down the path of destruction and economic disaster.

We must start the purge with our State and dump the cronies and RINOs who have been sucking the taxpayers of our state dry for two decades. We need to find good conservatives to run for office and support them financially against the huge hoard of cash that will be put up by the lobbyists.

Idaho has been infected by this RINO virus for years, which now command a majority of the votes in our Senate and are close to controlling the House. The RINOs like Luna and Little will do all they can to retain power, including lying to you on their new “Red Wave” radio show on Saturdays. If you think for a minute that this show is promoting conservativism, you better take another look as these are the cronies who are responsible for the mess this state is currently in. If you want to bring our state back to being truly conservative, you had better pay attention to the next election and make sure you know just who and what you’re voting for because the bad guys are winning.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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Agree wholeheartedly Bob. By the way I was suspended from Facebook on their first purge. It won’t stop until they and their ilk have purged any opposition voices. They came for me and they came for you and they won’t stop.

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