Why Trump Endures

There is a mystery that has baffled the wisest among us. But today I reveal the answer. Today I reveal how and why Trump continues to endure though riddled with scandals, flip flops, and bad tweeting.

Why the Left Doesn’t Understand

The liberal mainstream media and the left (but I repeat myself) have been completely baffled ever since November 8, 2016. Trump was not supposed to be elected. However, in the last couple weeks, their head-scratching has reached new heights of intensity.

Kanye West gave a tacit endorsement of Trump despite the fact that Kanye is black and (according to the left) all black people hate Trump. Trump’s approval rating is climbing and is currently knocking on 50% even while the Stormy Daniels scandal continues to unravel. Trump spoke at the NRA Convention mere weeks after the Parkland shooting. Despite millions of dollars of taxpayer money being spent, the Russia investigation is still dragging on with no end or revelation in sight.

Any one of these things is enough to cause any MSNBC or CNN host to lose it. It doesn’t make sense! All this and more, yet Trump remains popular, and that popularity seems to be growing.

Why the Right Doesn’t Understand

It’s no secret, I was not a Trump supporter during the primary. When he won the election, I, along with scores of others, resigned ourselves to our fate and decided to support Trump when we could, but oppose him when we had to.

However, by the grace of God, Trump has outperformed all my gloomy expectations. All in all, he hasn’t done as bad of a job as I was expecting.

But even though I can cede the point that he hasn’t been as bad as I anticipated, it still confuses me at times to see such ardent support for a guy like Trump. He’s been a liberal all his life, funded the efforts of anti-freedom Democrats to the tune of millions of dollars, and has lived an unapologetically immoral life.

When I look at Trump I have a very hard time seeing past all of that.

The Trump They See

As I mentioned before, Trump spoke at the NRA today. His speech was reminiscent of his packed campaign rallies during the 2016 election. Here’s a couple quotes from his speech:

“We put our hands on our hearts for the Pledge of Allegiance and we all proudly stand for the National Anthem.”

“We support the men and women of law enforcement.”

“I want to thank all of you, the true American patriots of the NRA who defend our rights, our liberty, and our great American flag.”

At the end of the day, this is why Trump has the dauntless supporters that he has. When making an assessment of Trump, they took into account the past – his big government policies, his donations to Democrats, his immoral life – and in their calculation, his love for America and desire to see America succeed outweighed all of the negative.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The die has been cast. We have the president we have. However, I think realizing the real reason Trump endures despite it all, should give us pause.

Every true patriot wants America to succeed. We want freedom to expand and grow. But the question becomes – what are you willing to sacrifice to get there?

“Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” – John Jay, First Supreme Court Chief Justice

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