Why Hillary Will Never Be President: Part Five – Hillary Clinton 101

I am not a Hillary Clinton fan. I honestly don’t know how anyone could be. She has left a trail of lies, criminal behavior, and ineptitude spanning four decades. No matter how hard the left tries to whitewash Hillary’s past, the stains will never come out of the old pantsuit. Yet, some people still think Hillary is a viable presidential candidate. The following history lesson should give them a reason to reconsider.

As a student, Hillary was mentored by “Rules for Radicals” author, and Marxist, Sal Alinsky. His Marxist influence has been evident throughout her career.

Upon graduation from Yale Law School, she failed the District of Columbia bar exam, which is considered a relatively easy bar exam for Yale grads.

As an attorney, Hillary was fired from the Watergate investigative team for lies and unethical behavior. Her supervisor, Jerry Zeifman, stated that she was dishonest and had “conspired to violate the constitution, rules of the House, rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality.” He refused to give her a letter of recommendation (one of only three people in his 17-year career).

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In 1975, attorney Hillary Clinton defended a forty-one year-old man named Thomas Alfred Taylor, who had raped and beaten a twelve-year-old girl so severely it left her infertile, and in a coma for five days. During a subsequent interview, Clinton laughed about using a legal technicality to plead him down to a lesser charge despite his guilt.

Mrs. Clinton engaged in a fraudulent futures transaction, and lied about it under oath. She also participated in a series of unethical land deals with Jim and Susan McDougal, owners of Madison Savings and Loan, both of whom were later indicted and convicted of fraud and conspiracy. Hillary again lied under oath about her role in dealings with Madison.

As bad as her track record was, it got worse when Hillary became the First Lady of the United States. She immediately had the staff of the White House travel office fired based on phony charges, then replaced with Clinton relatives and associates. Mrs. Clinton also gave a former Rose Law Firm partner unlimited access to approximately 900 confidential FBI files of Reagan and Bush appointees to be used for political espionage ordered by Clinton herself.

First Lady Hillary Clinton was also responsible for hiding billing records from the Rose Law Firm, which had been subpoenaed by Whitewater and Castle Grande investigators. The records magically appeared in the family quarters of the White House two days after the statute of limitations had expired. Throughout the investigation, Mrs. Clinton lied about their existence and her participation. The lies didn’t stop there.

As First Lady, Hillary also lied about her role in the passage of the Family and Medical Leave Act, of which she had no role. She lied about authoring a book that was actually written by a ghost writer. She lied about “Filegate” and “Travelgate.” And, she lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who didn’t become famous until six years after Hillary was born. In January, 1996, New York Times columnist William Safire wrote, “Our First Lady . . . is a congenital liar.”

As a Senator, Mrs. Clinton achieved nothing of significance, but did rack up a few more lies. She lied about an “uninsured” woman who died after childbirth because she was denied care in an Ohio hospital as she could not pay a $100 fee. This lie was retold several times during campaign stump speeches.

Hillary lied about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, a claim which news footage later proved to be false. She lied about Chelsea being on a jog close to the twin towers during the 9/11 attack, and being in danger. Chelsea later told a magazine reporter she was in an apartment twelve blocks away at that time, not jogging.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton failed miserably. She managed to alienate allies, empower enemies, compromise national security, and get four people killed. She facilitated the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and helped fuel an increase in terrorism in Libya. She failed to provide requested security in Benghazi, and failed to send help during the Benghazi attack. Then, she lied about the cause of the attack to the victim’s families and the American people.

Mrs. Clinton accepted millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments and corporations as Secretary of State, in direct violation of an ethics agreement, and conflict of interest rules. One of these donors was a Lebanese billionaire with close ties to Hezbollah. The foreign donations during that period were not reported to the IRS, a potential felony. Mrs. Clinton also made a number of questionable foreign policy decisions after receiving donations from countries that benefitted from those decisions. One of those decisions gave Russia control of 20 percent of future U.S. uranium production capacity.

Also, as Secretary of State, Hillary illegally used a private e-mail account to conduct confidential government business, then lied about both the use and the content of the e-mails. Once the private e-mail account was discovered, Hillary destroyed the server and more than 30,000 e-mails. Obviously, there was a lot to hide.

Hillary has continued to lie and deceive the American public as a presidential candidate. Everything about her campaign is a façade. Her campaign launch video was said to be filled with “everyday Americans.” But, it wasn’t. The woman shown as a kindly, gardening grandma in the video is actually an abortion activist named Julie Stauch. One of the gay men featured in the video is Jared Milrad, a writer for the Liberal website PolicyMic. And the guy pictured with his wife and cat is attorney Sean Bagniewski, who worked for Former Iowa Democrat Governor Tom Vilsak. Apparently, “everyday Americans” in Hillary’s world includes political operatives.

According to two different research sites, only about 44 per cent of Hillary’s Twitter fans are real people who actually participate in the platform. The rest are fake or don’t use their account. She used the same deceptive ruse earlier with her Facebook account. Her interactions with people are carefully staged and her interviews are scripted. She is not comfortable with people outside her circle of sycophants.

Hillary Clinton is a compilation of all that is wrong with politics . . . lies, graft, destruction of evidence, insider trading, intimidation, influence peddling, cover-ups, conflicts of interest, security breaches, etc. You name it, and chances are Hillary has done it. She recently received Planned Parenthood’s highest honor, the Margaret Sanger Award. Hillary openly idolizes Margaret Sanger, a racist and eugenics proponent, whose primary goal was the extermination of the black race. Are you paying attention, black voters?

In her defense of Mr. Clinton, and several oppressive foreign governments, Hillary has done more to stifle women’s rights than she will ever do to improve them. She has proven to be inept with foreign policy, and obviously does not have a grasp of basic economics. She is not concerned about the damage illegal immigration is doing to this country, and she continues to parrot the false global warming narrative, which continues to drive up our cost of living.

So, is this really the person you want running your country? I didn’t think so.

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