Why do Blacks Riot in their own Communities?

And why do they blame racism and conservatives?

Bringing in more immigrants to our country is a great way for the president to obtain his goal of diversity, but it will also produce destabilization of communities and eventually destabilization of our country by shifting the majority voting groups to the left allowing more liberal progressives to be elected to office in the future. We also need to reform our social welfare programs and get people back to work. What most people don’t understand is that the massive immigration we have had in recent years and the current executive amnesty has caused employment displacement of many African Americans. You only have to look at the very high unemployment rates for minorities like African Americans. The unemployment rate for Black’s in January was 10.3%. Currently the only groups in America with double digit unemployment are adult black males at 10.3% and Black teenagers at 18.8% Most of these problems of public disobedience take place in poorer communities where there is little opportunity for upward mobility, and it is mostly because we have allowed these citizens to become dependent on the government for just about everything in their lives. People who are gainfully employed don’t have time to riot and destroy communities. The question is why has our first Black President ignored the plight of his own people for the past 7 years?

Just take a quick look at what happened in Baltimore.

In a zip code where 60% of the residents are on government assistance.

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You have African Americans rioting,

Destroying black businesses.

After a black man dies in police custody of 3 black and 3 white police officers.

In a police department that is 43% Black.

Under a black female mayor.

With a black female State’s Attorney.

In a city ruled by democrats for over 50 years.

So the first black female U.S. Attorney General.

Appointed by the first black President.

Blames Racism and Conservatives for the riots.

If this doesn’t send a message to every American that this president has an agenda to divide the people of this country along economic and ethnic lines then I don’t know what does.

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