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Who has “SKIN IN MY GAME”?

When did employers, or government agencies become doctors? In Idaho with the changes that were made in the Professional Practices Act and the Medical Practice Act during several legislative sessions in the early two thousands is the answer. It used to be that only doctors could prescribe medicine or procedures or order a radiologic test. Now employers are ordering their workers to get vaccinations. Let’s not confuse an employer ordering a worker to undergo safety training or participate in continuing education programs with the order to undergo a medical procedure.

Even Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination is a different Leviathan. Federal Law including the recent ACA and the Trump administration’s CARES ACT have loosened the limitations on the scope and practice of medicine to the point where almost any organization can give a vaccination and almost anyone can receive a vaccination without having a health care provider or agency involved in the process. Our politicians at all levels of government during the COVID-19 pandemic have further protected themselves from liability by passing laws not only protecting them from decisions they make, but also the pharmaceutical companies from liability for bad outcomes from vaccines.

Governor Cuomo ordered the transfer of over 40,000 patients back to nursing homes and then reinfected many other vulnerable patients. He is protected because his State legislature and the Federal CARES ACT protected government and its agents from medical mal-practice. If politicians weren’t practicing medicine these laws wouldn’t have had to be passed. There were at least 40,000 individual medical mal practice cases in NY State. If doctors had committed these offenses they would have been sued En Masse.

This week St. Al’s—formally run by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, but now run from Livonia Michigan by the large corporation called Trinity Health, and St. Luke’s with an Idaho based Board of Governors and Corporate Charter, announced that all employees had to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. I was on the staff of both organizations and have nothing but respect for the doctors, nurses and technicians that take care of sick patients. They along with the good people of Idaho who I was privileged to take care of inspired me. But the administrations, medical staff governance structure, and even organized medicine in this State no longer function in the best interests of patients, but rather in the corporate best interests of those who sign their pay checks. As a practicing Catholic and as a Physician I will address the dualistic hypocrisy of any Catholic institution requiring any mandated medical procedure or intervention.

Historically Popes throughout the ages have addressed issues of medical ethics most recently Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict. There are three pillars or priorities when applying a standard to and of care: 1. Beneficence, 2. Autonomy and 3. Justice.

Sectarian ethics categorizes the doctor patient relationship under four constructs. 1. As a legal contract, 2. As a commodity transfer, 3. As applied biology. 4 As a covenant or trust between doctor patient and God. The ethics of the relationship vary according to the model: Contract—ethics of law, 2. Biology—ethics of basic science, 3. Business—ethics of the market place, and 4. Covenant—the ethics of virtue and autonomy as defined by Aquinian Natural Law Theory.

The Catholic Ethical model demands that the doctor patient relationship be defined as covenantal, and that respect for the will of the patient be guided by a respect and deference to patient autonomy… A doctor or PA or Family Nurse Practitioner that does not honor the will of the patient and a patient’s autonomy does so at grave moral and legal risk. The legal requirement for informed consent is a reflection of a respect for this autonomy.

My wife and I both received the Covid-19 vaccine because of our daily proximity to our daughter in law who was undergoing chemotherapy and had a splenectomy for diffuse histiocytic lymphoma. Nobody made us get the vaccine. Prior to “the Jab” each time we signed a letter of informed consent and a statement of liability protection for both the provider and the drug company. These two documents are not required for employee training or participation in CRT training. These are two red flags reflecting the risk and uniqueness of an invasive medical procedure.

The reality is that anyone who is being forced against their will or conscience for any reason—religious or otherwise, to have a medical procedure that for any reason they don’t want to have, are doing so under duress. A person should not have to choose between their job and their conscience.

I am not a religious or an apologist or an ethicist or a legal scholar. I dare not go further, but I invite—no I beg our religious leaders to step up and inform and guide this debate—Please God give them the courage to stand up to the secularists that have taken over our hospitals and the practice of medicine even when “Saint” is in their name. And please God help our legislators and Governor to stand in the name of their constituents to the big Lobbyists—IMA/IHA and IACI

If there is no patient autonomy there is no informed consent. And the road without either is down a very slippery slope. Think about the Tuskegee Experiments for syphilis, or the Nazi War Experiments. It is well documented that organized Medicine and Big Pharma were party to the abuses in all these cases.

I am glad my wife and I took the vaccine. Its efficacy and its risk ratio are within our comfort zone. But that is not for government or an employer to decide. What is best for an individual or for one’s family should be decided individually. We know what is best for us. The government has no “skin in our game”.

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