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When the RINOs see the Elephant in the Room

We find it interesting that 50 supposedly Republicans including some prominent former officeholders are supporting Tom Arkoosh who is running as a democrat for attorney general. We have to ask the question why would these people who claim to be staunch republicans be supporting a democrat? The answer is quite simple my friends these are the same people who have been running our state for over 2 decades and have been the reason it is turning into a liberal progressive swamp. Tom Arkoosh says he has no political ambitions well we would have to take exception to that claim. When we see 50 so-called prominent republicans who are really republicans in name only come out and support a democratic, we are obligated to ask the question why so much support for someone who has no political ambition? The list of RINOs who are supporting Mr. Arkoosh are a list of geriatric has-beens like Former Governor Butch Otter and his leftist wife Lori, former Governor Phil Batt, former supreme court justice Jim Jones and former Secretary of State Ben Ysursa. These are the very people who we consider members of Idaho’s elite that have been in part responsible for turning our state blue.

I just received an email from Brad Littles’s campaign very clearly stating We have just 26 days remaining between today and Election Day here in Idaho. Can we count on you to join us in these last 26 days to make sure that Democrats don’t take over Idaho while his staunchest supporters are out in the public eye touting and supporting Tom Arkush a Democrat for Attorney General. Folks does that tell you anything about who is running our state and why you have to question whether Little is truly a republican or just another RINO. Sounds to us like maybe Governor Little has a touch of Joe Biden Syndrome.

I have to admit that for these republican RINOs to come out of the closet and support someone like Arkoosh tells me that they are scared out of their wits to have Labrador in as Idaho’s Attorney General. These RINOs know that Labrador can’t be bought and will not put up with the shenanigans that Wasden has embraced for 5 terms. If you think Arkoosh would be any different than Wasden you had better think again. Arkoosh has said publicly he would not defend a recent Idaho law criminalizing abortion. While Raul has said he would aggressively defend the laws enacted by Idaho’s legislature regardless of partisanship. This showing of support by these 50 republicans is a sharp stick in the eye of Idaho’s voters who supported Labrador with 50.6% of the primary vote. These ancient RINOs are all old guard whose ambition has been to keep our state in the hands of the elitists until they turn it blue. The youngest speaker in the group of 50 was probably Lori Otter who single handedly made good old Butch make a sharp left-hand turn when they were married.

Raul Labrador as Attorney General of Idaho would be the best and most effective way to get government accountability in the huge bureaucracy that has been sucking up our tax dollars for the past 30 years. This support for a democrat like Arkoosh is telling us that the elitists will do whatever is necessary to keep control of our state. Doesn’t it make you wonder what are they so worried about Labrador getting elected?? That’s the million-dollar question but I think most of us know the answer. They are afraid that Labrador will start peeking under the blankets and peeling back the onion of bureaucracy that has plagued our state and find what has been shoved under the proverbial bureaucratic rug. Could it be possible that not everything done in our bureaucratic agencies over the past 30 years or so would pass muster with the voters? We can only imagine what would happen if he started digging into how our taxpayer money has been spent in some of our state agencies like the Dept of Health and Welfare or our Education system. What kind of interesting irregularities have been hidden by some of our government agencies over the years? You can be sure of one thing that Congressman Labrador would not be pussy footing around with these RINOs if he did find something out of whack, he would not be afraid to bring it to our attention.

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We must give Labrador credit for walking into this herd of charging RINOs because these are the ones who we believe supported Tommy Ahlquist’s run for governor in 2014 to make sure there was a three-way split of the primary vote giving Little a plurality of 37% and the brass ring to be the Republican candidate for Governor. The story never changes in Idaho’s political arena it is always the old guard that wants to keep the status quo to make sure that none of their secrets are exposed and they can retain power without interference.

Labrador is the elephant in the room and the only true conservative running for one of the top 4 constitutional offices of our state. When you look at the cast of characters who are supporting Arkoosh it’s is the very people who have been running our state from behind the curtain for too many years. Gov. Phil Batt, former Attorney General, and Idaho Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones, and former Secretary of State Ben Ysursa have all been instrumental in bringing Idaho to the brink of becoming a liberal bastion. Just look at how they did virtually nothing to stop Lauren McLean from becoming the first progressive leftist mayor of our capital city. This support for a democrat by these old farts as I call them is an affront to our primary election process where Congressman Labrador garnered over 140,000 votes or 51.6% and won a clear and concise victory over 5 term incumbent Lawrence Wasden who was only able to get 103,000 or 39.7% of the vote. We have a political process here in Idaho and what these cronies are saying is we don’t like the process when someone we don’t want in office wins in a primary.

You have to look no further than the Freedom Foundations Freedom Index to see that all of the representatives who are supporting Arkoosh are dyed-in-the-wool wan-a-bee democrats as shown by their past voting records. Here: These people who are supporting Arkoosh are what we have been trying to get rid of in Idaho politics and the citizens of Idaho did a pretty good job in the primary of moving our legislature to a more conservative bias by replacing many of the pretend conservatives like Patti Ann Lodge, Scott Syme, Fred Wood, and Fred Martin.

On November 8th the voters of Idaho will have an opportunity to choose the road they want to take. They can vote for democrat Tom Akoosh for Attorney General and get another 4 years of Lawrence Wasden type legal advice. Or they can vote for Raul Labrador a true conservative and seasoned representative of the people of Idaho. Raul Labrador will stand up and fight for the people of Idaho. He will fight for our constitutional rights, unlike former Attorney General Wasden who allowed Governor Brad Little to usurp our constitutional rights during his 2-year illegal State of Emergency. The choice is yours Idaho but remember as I always say…

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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None of this matters. We have voting machines. Idaho is turning because we have voting machines. No one elected these leftists. They were installed. And they will continue to be until we refuse to vote on anything except paper ballots.

Why are there commercials between every paragraph for coins. This is as bad as Comercials for MediCare

When you live off of donations it is often difficult to keep good staff so these little commercials are a way to compensate those who work so hard to keep this newsletter going.

When Christians and patriots finally see the Donkeys, Rinos, *and the Elephants* in public office for what they truly are – America might just get saved from the precipice she precipitously teeters on.

There’s never been one of the since the inception of the Constitutional Republic that’s biblically qualified to hold office at any level of government, thanks to Article 6’s Christian test ban whereby mandatory biblical qualifications were also eliminated.

Once Article 6 was adopted as the supreme law of the land, it was inevitable that America would be ruled by nothing but nincompoops, scoundrels, incompetents, immoral reprobates, and outright criminals, only to become worse with each succeeding generation.

One only needs to honestly examine the last 234 years of American history to know that regardless whether a Donkey or an Elephant has been elected, America has found herself further along her suicidal trek to the precipice, officially commenced in 1787/88.

For more, see Chapter 3 “The Preamble: We the People vs. Yahweh” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

Then Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land.”

Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”

Fred Martin is totally butt hurt by this editorial and his FB page proves it. You know you’re over the target when you’re getting flak. Keep up the good work.

If ONE vote counts above all others, it would be Raul for Attorney General. He would be the one to look into certain counties and their election shenanagans.

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