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Congressman Russ Fulcher Endorses Raul Labrador for Attorney General

In a recent conversation on the Kevin Miller show, I asked Congressman Russ Fulcher if he would endorse former congressman Raul Labrador for the position of Attorney General of Idaho. Well to many Idahoans’ surprise. Congressman Fulcher said he would be pleased to endorse Raul for that position. The 50 geriatric RINO Republicans who recently voiced their support for a democrat Attorney Tom Arkoosh to be sure were choking on their morning coffee and bagel.

Let us give you a little bit of history on both congressmen. Congressman Fulcher had spent 5 terms as a state senator for Idaho and won former Congressman Labrador’s seat in 2018 after losing a close race for governor against Butch Otter. Congressman Labrador, another former Idaho legislator, retired from his congressional seat in 2018 to run for governor in a three-way race with Lt. Governor Brad Little and Dr. Tom Ahlquist. He came in second, leaving Brad Little to win with only a plurality of 37% of the vote.

We have written several times about this race in the past and how Ahlquist had entered this race purely as a spoiler which opened the door for Little to win with a plurality. The two politicians who have always been true conservatives and work only for the people of Idaho are Labrador and Fulcher. I personally have worked on the campaigns for both of these gentlemen and can tell you that neither of them has ever backed down when fighting for their constituents. They unlike many of the old-guard republicans who are the mold growing on the walls of our capital are in office to serve the people who elected them not the lobbyists who support the RINOs.

This is my 30th year as an Idahoan after spending most of my life and career in the New York, New Jersey area which turned a bright blue many decades ago but to see this shift to the left in what is considered to be one of the reddest states in our country is absolutely appalling. It almost makes me want to puke. I have been watching and writing for the past 12 years about how Idaho has been shifting slowly to the left and have fought hard to reverse the trend, but it seems that much of the time my words about change fell on deaf ears. I would venture to say that these so-called republicans who are in office to serve the people are at the root cause of why our state has been changing and becoming more progressive. Idaho’s elite families have been running our state for the last 4 decades and they are scared senseless of losing control. The simple fact that they would go so far as to back a democrat for attorney general instead of a former 3-term solid conservative congressman like Raul Labrador has to tell you how far they will go to keep control of our government.

Idahoans finally have a front-row seat to see firsthand who the people are behind the scenes of this progressive shift that has been taking place in our state for four decades. Much of this change was instigated by the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry or as we like to call them the Idaho Cabal of corporate elitists who have been calling the political shots when it comes to who is elected to office in our state. Our current Governor was the chairman of IACI prior to entering politics and has a vested interest in keeping the status quo.

We have been trying to get this point across for the past 10 years without much success, but we hope that Idahoans will finally see these elitists for what they really are. You can be sure if Brad Little is elected again, the size of our government will continue to grow exponentially. Keep in mind the special legislative session Brad called to give back some of the two billion in taxes the state took from Idahoans and just before the general election. Here we have a governor who is giving Idahoans their own money back as a gesture to make you think he is the guy you should vote for. What most people don’t realize is that he kept one billion of the 2 billion in excess taxes in a year when families are struggling to make ends meet with 8.5% inflation and gas prices that have gone through the roof.

We would like to encourage the newcomers to our state to do some real homework and find out if they haven’t made a huge mistake leaving states like California, Oregon, and Washington only to end up in a state that has been moving in the same direction as the ones they left. We as Americans are fortunate because we always have choices the problem is that most of us don’t have the time to research those choices to make the best ones. Choosing Congressman Fulcher to represent you in Washington is a wise choice as he has proven himself time and again to be someone who actually cares about the people he represents. His endorsement of Raul Labrador as your next Attorney General is showing you that he cares who represents you in our state. Or you can follow the thundering herd of geriatric RINO republicans who are touting the election of a democrat Tom Arkoosh who will do the establishment’s bidding and continue to represent the elitists of this state.

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Russ Fulcher has exceeded my expectations with his representation of District 1. Raul Labrador was a hard act to follow. I am more than pleased that Fulcher is making this endorsement!

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