What’s up with Senator Nonini’s Crony Endorsements in 2016?

Senator Nonini opens up his article by saying this is one of the most important primaries Idaho has seen in decades. I think that we will all agree with that statement and then some. There are over 200 candidates running for various legislative offices in this primary and the selection by the voters is going to be critical in how our state moves into the future. We will either have high-quality leadership or we will have another half-baked legislature that caters to the lobbyists and the establishment cronies.

Senator Nonini goes on to tell us that the choice for Lt. Governor is clear and you only need to look at the records of the candidates to see who will deliver on their promises. He says that whether it be School Choice, the 2nd Amendment, Pro-Life or Economic Development and taxes, no candidate stands a close second to his experience. He goes on to say that he has kept all of his promises while a legislator. I will agree that Senator Nonini is one of the most conservative voting legislators and his record proves it. The Idaho Freedom Foundation, and the American Conservative Union, and Project Vote Smart score Senator Nonini in the top above all other Lt. Governor candidates running in this primary election.

Senator Nonini goes on to give us a picture of the most conservative, hard-working, pro-life, 2nd Amendment legislators in the Senate for the past fourteen years. All in all, the Senator describes himself as an all-star conservative that deserves your vote. BUT!

Let me tell you why he doesn’t deserve your vote: During the last primary election, it was this Senator Nonini who endorsed Shawn Keough in the primary and helped her retain her seat. What you don’t know is that Shawn Keough has the worst voting record of any Republican senator in the legislature and is a crony through and through. If the Governor says “jump,” she says “how high?” In fact, she ranks below every Democrat on the IFF voting guide and comes in dead last among all house members. Not only that, but with Senator Nonini’s help, she beat out a real conservative running against her in 2016.

That’s not the end of Senator Nonini’s endorsing escapades. He also had the audacity to endorse another establishment crony politician who was responsible for giving us the State Healthcare exchange—Representative Luke Malek. Rep. Malek also has one of the worst voting records in the legislature, coming in with a 42% conservative rating with only four Democrats behind him. He also won his election in 2016 with Senator Nonini’s endorsement.

I would also like to know if Senator Nonini is so conservative why has he flying around the state with crony establishment Lt. Governor Brad Little and making sure that his material is next to Brad’s on the display tables. All I know is a true conservative doesn’t betray their constituents by helping liberals and crony establishment legislators get reelected by giving them their endorsement. I think everyone would like to know, “What’s Up, Senator Nonini?”

Before you cast your vote on May 15th, give some thought to what I have written in this letter. As the Senator says, this is the most important election for Idaho in decades. Let’s keep the swamp dwellers out of our legislature and find the real conservatives in this primary.

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