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Like most Americans, before finally engaging, I sat on the couch and raged at the television. Then I got the call to become active, and worked to get elected.

I was sent to Boise for a particular purpose. First and foremost was to empower Idaho and to wrestle away from federal intrusion the rights originally recognized as reserved to the States and, just as importantly, to state citizens. (But don’t assume by this that the struggle does not include engaging against state intrusion, as well, into our personal lives.)

We start any discussion on state sovereignty and individual citizen rights with the recognition that, although the task at hand is simple to state, it is difficult for a multitude of reasons, to implement. The task is this: to shrink the size of government and limit its impact on ordinary citizens.

And as most readers know, this task is frustrated by the very nature of government. It is a given that government power seldom shrinks and inevitably grows. State Legislators must constantly balance the need for appropriate governance and the necessity to restrain its natural tendency to grow.

And then there are these factors in play:

A supreme court that twists logic and common sense to reach its desired result;

A medical community that over-prescribes psycho-tropic drugs to children and adults alike;

A school system bent on propagandizing rather than the teaching the basics of reading, writing (spelling) and mathematics (specifically, anti-Christian and anti-American propaganda);

International influence (read ‘authority’), generally through the U.N., on everything from immigration, domestic water usage, education, and property rights;

Federal agencies that act outside their charter with an attitude of superiority and arrogance;

And a political class mouthing promises they know that they cannot and will not keep.

This list is hardly exhaustive, but, to those of us militating for independence, is daunting nonetheless.


Many believe that if there is a political disagreement, one or both of the parties does not understand the facts. But this is not the case. Generally speaking, those supporting an all-powerful Supreme Court, or a more powerful central government, or increased U.N. influence, WANT those things and hail those influences as an important way to direct ‘politically correct’ behavior of individuals and groups. And we mustn’t forget that controlling individuals is the most important part of elitist ideology.

The resistance to those of us fighting for individual freedom and responsibility arises from Democrat and RINO rhetoric (promulgated largely by the media), as well as institutional inertia in every bureaucracy and government establishment in the nation. The difficulty is rooted in the recognition that, again, civilized society requires government and that government naturally grows in cost and power. The challenge is to slow, and ultimately, to stop, and eventually reverse, that growth.

Amplifying on the task stated above, Republican conservatives must work toward the dual goals of fighting off the effects of Federal intrusion into state and personal affairs and truly limiting the state’s power, separately and in concert, to do the same. These goals are not new to readers of these pages. My charge here is to encourage and rally those engaged in this battle to continue the work.

Much criticism is leveled at conservatives, from Democrats and RINOs alike, for focusing too much on the Federal government actions and not enough on ‘local’ or ‘community’ issues. In my view, this reveals the shallow nature of the RINO principles, not to mention the complete disconnect of the Democrat rhetoric. It completely ignores the catastrophic result that the dominant socialistic thinking inflicts on states and individual citizens, whether from bureaucrats in federal agencies or international institutions. (Which begs the question: are they truly ignorant of the pending catastrophe or is crisis what they WANT? The reader should ponder this.)


The most frightening aspect of Socialism is the role that Central Planning plays in enforcing its dictates: Bureaucratic inception, cognition, initiation and tyrannical execution carried out without any concern for the negative and burdensome effect on individuals. And, again, nothing new to readers, Socialism advances the single minded goal of putting the ‘needs of society’ over and above the liberty of the individual.

The RINO agrees that Socialism is ‘wrong’ but acquiesces that its precepts may be proper in certain circumstances. The Democrat argues simply that Socialism is necessary to achieve the desired Politically Correct affect.

Republican conservatives recognize that there is a fundamental difference between the RINO approach to government and the traditional American approach. We recognize that the Constitution is not a Federal empowering document but a legally restrictive charter recognizing God’s supreme authority over government, as well as citizens, and that there is a tendency of government to organically and inexorably overthrow that authority.

It naturally follows that citizens must use legislative tools to restrict government. That only by the continued nurturing and fulfillment of traditional American values can this great nation be brought back to individual liberty and personal responsibility. Consequently we work with a focus on what is truly necessary to protect, and in many cases restore, these grand precepts: lowering spending; lowering taxes; eliminating burdensome regulations. These are the primary goals of Republican conservatives. In sum: less government!


These precepts can, reasonably, only be addressed through an active and energized citizenry. The battle cannot be engaged by legislators alone. YOU must stay active by seeking out new avenues of engagement. YOU must seek ways to encourage and support legislators with whom you share this fundamental ideology. You have representatives within the Idaho Legislature that are working on your behalf. Be encouraged. This battle can be won, but only if you too get off the couch and get to work. We all must work to stay united, active, and informed.

Representative Vito Barbieri, first elected in 2010 and is in his third term, currently serves District 2 in the Idaho House of Representatives, and is now Chairman of the House Business Committee. He is running for the Republican nomination (for the November 2016 General Election) on the May 17 Republican ballot.

He lives in Dalton Gardens and is married with 3 grown children and one grandchild.

You can follow him on FACEBOOK at ‘Vito Barbieri for Idaho‘ (where you can contribute as little as $5 to his campaign) or on his blog at

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