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What about HR 2471 and Critical Race Theory

While on the campaign trail, I have been privileged to meet many Idahoans. Inevitably, the topics of education, Critical Race Theory, and gender identity come up. I have pledged to support a School Choice Program. I am opposed to CRT and similar ideologies. Interestingly, some continue to say that CRT and gender identity are not being taught in Idaho.

The passage of HR 2471 shows us that the federal government will continue to pressure states to implement CRT and gender identity.

HR 2471 is a $1.5 trillion “omnibus” spending bill. It was passed by the US Congress on March 9, 2022, and ratified in the US Senate on March 11, 2022.

Among the 2740 pages of the HR 2471, are:

Christ Troupis Book
  • Gender identity protection program;
  • Critical Race Theory to be mandated in government policies in the disguise of “improving equity and reducing disparities;”
  • Classifying it as domestic violence for fathers to attempt to dissuade their wives or girlfriends from having abortions;
  • More gun control measures;

Idaho has accepted billions of dollars during the Covid Emergency declaration. While it is ending, our state has, nonetheless, agreed to comply with many of the federal mandates and future mandates.

Unrecognized by many Idahoans, the implementation of some of these mandates often comes incrementally.

Take gun control as an example. Our right to possess firearms is protected under the 2nd Amendment. Since the Left cannot outright ban guns, they do it incrementally. So, we have registration requirements, ammunition control, cost control, demonizing firearms manufacturers, etc. The Left is continuing its assault on firearms. Relentlessly.

The same goes for gender identity programs and Critical Race Theory. During the Idaho State budget hearings, a BSU Executive told us that CRT is not being taught in our universities. But we know that is not true. They merely change the name and hide those programs somewhere. With HR 2471, we know that the federal government will continue to promote them.

The solution is, therefore, not only to question our State agencies and officials but to be vigilant in fighting the encroachment of Leftist ideas. We need to recognize that their goal is the total corruption of our moral values. An equal resistance on our part is necessary to counter it.

I pledged that I would represent my constituents in speaking out against these issues. I will vote to eliminate federal encroachment in our State.

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3 replies on “What about HR 2471 and Critical Race Theory”

restricting or regulating UNIVERSITY level educational curricula is illegal.

CRT, or specific/single religion affirming curricula, or even overtly partisan political language is COMPLETELY LEGAL at the university level.

And, in addition, government efforts to restrict university curricula are illegal (as in, the federal or state government creating guidelines that would limit a university or university educator from teaching whatever they want).


The same thing that allows liberal professors to teach what they teach is what allows conservatives at Stanford, Pepperdine, Harvard, Yale, various catholic universities, or hell even Liberty to teach what they teach, either in small tight knit groups of graduate students or in the broader undergraduate population.

You cannot restrict the ideologically biased teachings of 1 side vs while leaving the other unscathed…..

Either you allow it all the time, meaning everyone gets regulated and both liberal and conservative thought permanently disappears from universities that receive even 1 penny of federal dollars….

Or you never allow those regulations, and the paradigm continues…. which by the way is the only way for conservatives to increase their college aged audience, since at least this way there is a hypothetical chance of more conservatives getting hired into academia, whereas allowing the regulation would permanently deny conservatives from ever teaching anything ideological ever again.

Of course, this all makes the assumption that everyone is, at least ostensibly, playing by the same rules of “fairness”.

In reality, however, conservatives are loudly and openly advocating for a literal “our side should have political and civic priority over the other side” type of governing system…. so we will see where the debate goes.

I don’t know who or what you are, but you need to read Romans Chapter 1 in God’s Holy Word. This will give you the real truth of CRT and gender identity. DON’T EVER comment on something you know nothing about.

The State Funding should be stopped if CRT and SEL are continued to be taught in State funded schools. Without representation we may need a referendum, and that would be fair. Kind of like a D501C3, they get defunded and they would have to pay Income tax. It seems only fair. All schools should be monitored for their curriculum content.
they have cameras in the classrooms anyway. Use them.

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