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Abuse of Power (The Baby Cyrus Story)

I’m sure many of our readers are aware of the Baby Cyrus story which has been circulating on TV and in the press. This taking of baby Cyrus is pure and simple abuse of power by Dr. Aaron Dykstra of Functional Medicine of Idaho, Child Protective Services, and the Meridian Police Department.

This child was never in any danger while in the custody of his parents and we cannot for the life of us figure out where a Dr. of Functional Medicine has the authority to contact child services and file a complaint of non-compliance by the parents without first investigating the reasons for any non-compliance. It also shows the ineptness of the CPS department and the social worker involved in calling the police into this situation when it was totally unnecessary.

What is even worse is the inaccurate reporting by the infamous liberal KTVB news station which was full of misinformation and conjecture without knowing all of the facts. As usual, KTVB gives you half the story because it gave them an opportunity to sensationalize this whole event especially since Ammon Bundy was involved.

Let’s set the record straight this was never a case of child abuse by the parents; however, we can certainly make a case for abuse of power by all the parties who claimed mistreatment and concern for the life of Baby Cyrus. The parents were aware that their son Cyrus had a digestion problem and had been consulting with different doctors, naturopaths, and specialists for over a month.

Cyrus would appear to get better and then relapsed several times. They reluctantly decided to seek help from St. Luke’s Hospital so he could receive fluids through an IV because his vomiting had caused him to dehydrate. Their plan was to get him well enough to bring him home and try different foods and formulas to see what would be best for his digestion.

The claim by Medical personnel at St. Luke’s that the child was suffering from severe malnourishment was an outright lie to make it look like the parents were not caring for Cyrus.

Marissa, Cyrus’s mom was taking him in to be weighed every day but on one particular day, she was ill and could not bring him to St. Luke’s and informed the hospital of the situation. Cyrus’s pediatrician Dr. Dykstra was not satisfied with her canceling the appointment and decided he would call CPS, reported a child endangerment situation, and had CPS contact Marissa via a text message.

Meridian Police said Health and Welfare was able to contact the child’s father, who agreed to bring the child in for an examination, but said he then failed to show up which was also untrue.

The police went to the Andersons’ residence only to find they were out visiting with friends. They immediately issued a BOLO (be on the lookout} for the Andersons. The misinformation on the actual facts continues by the press.

The father Levi did contact the CPS worker Nice Loufoua, who had texted Marissa asking why she had not shown up for the exam.

The CPS worker refused to answer any of the father’s questions. Mind you the child had been discharged from the hospital and Levi questioned the CPS worker about what they thought was wrong with the child. The CPS worker refused to give him any information and told him to go immediately to a clinic because this was a medical emergency. She still refused to tell him what the medical emergency was and texted him the address of “Faces of Hope Victim Center.

We still don’t know why the CPS worker directed Levi the father to go to the Faces of Hope Center. After some investigation into this facility, Levi and Marissa realized it was a victim center for child abuse and this might be a ruse by the CPS worker to claim child abuse so they decided this would be a bad move for them and the baby to go there. They went to a friend’s home for dinner with the rest of the family and soon after they left they were followed by a Garden City Police officer to a nearby gas station where they were detained.

The Garden City police officer who detained them called for backup. Within minutes well over a dozen officers arrived at the scene along with two Meridian detectives. It could have been a scene out of an Al Capone movie. Both Marissa and her sister Maranda were placed under arrest and her husband Levi was handcuffed. They took Marissa into the Ambulance and stripped her of Baby Cyrus so it could not be filmed and charged Marissa with alleged “Child Endangerment” all because of a canceled pediatric appointment.

As if it were not bad enough that they took Baby Cyrus into St. Luke’s but everyone had to be bailed out of jail on trumped-up charges including Ammon Bundy who was there supporting the family. They were arrested for disorderly conduct and trespass, the funny thing is they were never asked to leave the grounds at St. Luke’s. How do you trespass someone without asking them to leave the premises? We understand that as we are going to press we received news from the family that Cyrus was still not taking food from a bottle and instead of allowing the mom Marissa to beast feed him they instead put him on a feeding tube. We also understand that lawyers for the family were thrown out of the hospital. This continues to be extreme overreach and abuse of power not only by the authorities but by the hospital itself.

It’s time for a change, we need to get enough doctors to fund a new hospital in the Treasure Valley and remove the tax-exempt status from both of the 501(c)(3) hospitals operating currently as they have shown nothing but disdain for the people who have supported them for so many years.

Just one more note: KTVB our newest liberal media TV station as usual got the entire story wrong or did they want to get it wrong on purpose?

Please go to this link for full information on what has happened in this case. Especially the video of Marissa and the detectives in the ambulance.

3 replies on “Abuse of Power (The Baby Cyrus Story)”

I saw this happen in Washington State. They, CPS, would then place the children in homosexual couple households.

Complicated situation that needs to be defused.
I stand 100% behind Diego and his family.
The only people that know all the medical facts in this case are the doctors and they have not come forward with these facts when at the end of the day these will come out. Medically they are I believe withholding information that would hurt their position

Over forty years ago Federal Agencies including the military started what have been called Family Advocacy Programs (FAP) Committees were formed and non-family members in the workplace were assigned duties and were called Family Advocacy Representatives (FAR). They would meet and discuss child rearing techniques and issues that should have been under the purview of mothers and fathers. States developed these programs, and, in most states, these are under the Departments of Health and Welfare (DHW) and as a condition for Federal Funding these programs must be in existence and up and running to receive funds. The medical profession has been complacent in this process.

Child protection agencies in most cases receive funding and are under the command structure of the (DHW) in their states.

The problems in this case as in many cases like this—and they happen every day, are that the medical professionals and the patients are operating under different moral predicates. The doctors perceive that their authority comes from government fiats. The patients like Diego’s family believe the moral authority for families comes from God. This is a clash of values that we see throughout society. This would not have happened forty years ago when hospitals were run by Christian people—many of them Catholic Sisters. The respect for the family and family values would have been the bases for any moral or medical decision.

I am an ardent supporter of the police. But the police who executed the warrant to take baby Cyrus away from his mother were not trained for the situation that they were confronted with. It was not a place for police. The mother’s interaction with the police reflected respect and deference to authority that should be respected and used as an example. I would not have been able to contain myself.

The first thing that needs to be done is to put this family back together. The mother needs to be with the baby—period. For love and for nourishment. The mother should have unfettered access to her baby.

Charles Murray says that the family is the only place where the “stuff of life” can happen. When the medical profession and government through Child Protection Services usurp the power and the authority of a family the implications are extremely dangerous.

When a faith in God and a Christian moral predicate are no longer a part of the health care transaction between doctor and patient and when there is no longer a Covenant relationship when we carry on with the many activities of our everyday lives, the grease that lubricates the wheels of life will no longer turn.

I stand by baby Cyrus and Diego’s family.

One day you too will understand that Satanists masquerade as government. It is a religion of evil and deception.
Think you have rights? You had better think again.

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