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We Win!

To the surprise of those on the left, even as President Trump is being impeached for the second time, he very much can control the future of his movement and the legacy of his Presidency. He along with all of us should take a deep breath and look for opportunity where for the last 8 weeks we have seen little hope.

Mr. Trump and his supporters must acknowledge that we understand that Impeachment is not a legal proceeding but a political action. As such the proceedings themselves will be used to leverage the position of the political left in addition to being used to destroy not just our President, but the entire movement of 72 million people who voted for him and who still believe that the election was less than equitable. By the way, if you were Joe Bidden and you knew that you had won the election, and you really wanted to bring the American people together why not asked for a complete reconciliation of ballots and prove finally that there was no fraud in the battleground States? Because like us he knows who really won the election.

I would invite our President to embrace the Impeachment proceedings. As soon as he does Chucky Schumer will back down and state to the world in the “name of peace” the single charge will be dropped. Our President should insist that the trial should proceed so that he could have an opportunity to clear his good name. If the Schumer’s and McConnell’s of the world refuse this request, we win. It proves they aren’t really interested in the truth.

If the trial proceeds our President should insist that he be allowed to be present in the Senate Chamber with his attorneys—a better statement would be if he sat by himself, so that he could confront his accusers. Of course, there is no guarantee that the Senate or Chief Justice John Roberts would allow for this—remember this is a political process and not a legal proceeding so being able to confront one’s accusers or be given due process rights are not part of the deal. If they do allow our President to be present during the proceeding it would show that they are fair. If they don’t allow for him to confront his accusers personally it will show our country and the world that they are not fair and that they are not interested in any form of justice—political or legal.

Implied in all this is that Mr. Trump is not stable and that he is not in control of his emotions or intellectual faculties. The left believe that he is a bully. By sitting quietly and by not showing any emotion for hours and hours of testimony, he can prove finally that his faculties and most of all his own self-control have always been misrepresented.

Finally, Mr. Trump can ask to be his own witness. Putting his name on the witness list upfront will create an outcry from the libs and the media, but how the Chief Justice and Senators respond to such a request would show the world exactly what our country stands for. If they refuse—we win—our President wins because what he has been saying about “the swamp” will be proven true. If they say yes, we win again.

In 15 mins Mr. Trump could give a defense that would start out by saying—How can you believe these guys? They said that I was a Russian Agent—they were proven wrong. They themselves participated in a fraud and a government-sponsored conspiracy against my campaign and Presidency, knowingly watching the DNC via Perkins-Coie funnel money into a fraudulent Fusion GPS—the Nellie Ohr Bruce Ohr connection was cited in the Horowitz report as being troubling—Nellie was on the Board of Fusion and Bruce was a Sr. level FBI agent, and then using the Christopher Steele Dossier to apply for 4 FISA Court applications. All this has been proven and many of the House Impeachment managers were complicit in these actions. The Mueller report proved me innocent of any Russian collusion. The 1st Impeachment proved me innocent.

Finally addressing the single Impeachment Article pending against me I offer you my speech on Jan. 6th. I specifically asked for “peaceful patriotic demonstrations” Twice that day I asked for the crowds to go home and be peaceful. For the past 8 months, the left including many of the House Impeachment Managers have not denounced the violence, looting, and thuggery in our cities. They haven’t even given cover to BLM and ANTIFA. They have never renounced these organizations.

Knowing that by having a trial in the Senate it will provide yet again another opportunity for our President to confront the “swamp” I bet in his inaugural address the President-elect will call for dropping the Impeachment Proceedings in a magnanimous show of charity and forgiveness. But so often the virtue signaling from the left is hiding a secrete agenda—they are scared out of their little boy pants of President Trump and they are even more scared of his 72 million supporters. Last week in two polls the approval ratings of our President were shown to be—Pew (28%) and Rasmussen (48%)—a suspicious difference, but for the past 6 months since and during impeachment the approval ratings of Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer have been (8%) and (11%). I bet Lizzy Chaney’s is less than that in Wyoming.

They don’t want this fight. We do.

Bring on the trial so all the world can see who the left and RINOs really are.

Without letting President Trump defend himself, you lose.

Canceling impeachment, you lose.

If he is given an opportunity to defend himself—you lose.


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