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Lest we Forget

The common bond that has held Americans together of all races and Nationalities since the landing of the Mayflower has been our common faith in God. The rules that govern our civil and personal relationships and interactions are grounded in concepts of the NATURAL LAW whose principles date back to the Bible through Calvary, Augustine, Aquinas, our great Declaration, and the words of Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address.

Our founders understood the limitations of our own human nature and created a structure for self-governance that was then and is now unique amongst all the governments of the world. For civil society to exist the people being governed must be moral, virtuous, and courageous. Utopian goals are the construct of an evil philosophy that places man at the center of the moral world and makes man his own judge of right and wrong. Man becomes his own God. This is the basis of situational ethics, and standards of justice that become fluid and creates a world of oppressors and the oppressed. It is the basis of identity politics. Free will and liberty as political ideas are replaced by power and corruption. There has never been a fascist State that was grounded in Natural Law principles nor has there been a Command Economy that has stayed true to those principles—see what is happening to Communist China today.

The concerns of our Founding Fathers that were stated so perfectly by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 10—The Violence of Faction, are being played out today. Beyond that discussion, I would offer the idea that factions of action are different than factions of ideas. Hamilton (Federalist) and Jefferson (Republican) differed on this point. It is so interesting that all through the summer I didn’t hear one Democrat renounce the ATNTIFA and BLM riots—actions, or their ideas. Today that same group of Democrats including our new VP Harris, not only did not renounced the actions at our capitol last week, but also moved forward to limit free speech from anyone on the right including our sitting President. Ms. Harris and Mr. Bidden had staff members contribute to organizations that bailed out thugs and rioters last summer Who is really contributing to the “factions of physical and political violence”?

The actions of the last 9 months in our cities by looters and thugs are called free speech, and the speech of Republican supporters on the Senate and House Floor, the speech of supporters of our President on social media is called Treason. Because the violence came so close to our sitting legislators, doesn’t make that violence any greater than the violence to people in our cities who lost their businesses and property. It was the job of government to protect private interests before their own interests. If they had acted on behalf of the people from the beginning, if they had taken care of the problems in their infancy, the bigger problems may not have had to be attended to.

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Another thing needs to be said. Our President in his speech before the Capital march asked for the “peaceful” marching of Patriots. There was no call to violence and 249,000 out of 250,000 people either marched or dispersed peacefully after the speech. Twice that afternoon our President asked for the demonstrators to disburse and be peaceful. Joe Biden and Camila Harris have yet to ask for ANTIFA or BLM to stand down. In their view, public property and the lives of politicians are more important than private property and private lives. Our Founders would be appalled.

The policies and utopian promises of the left grounded in socialist and fascist philosophies in fact subjugate individuals to the State without regard to race, nationality or gender. Equality is realized by creating conditions of individual subjugation to the State and the economic “common good”. This very experiment has been reproduced many times over the past 15,000years and it has never worked. For those ideas to move forward there can be no God or God’s Law. Without God being the guarantor of rights, commissars, and bureaucrats (certainly not Angels they) replace the Covenant between God and man that is the true basis of all our rights.

What has happened in the Halls of Congress this past week after the tragic riot is just as bad as the riot itself. The blaming of the riot on our President, calling his supporters “seditious”, the doxing of his supporters by Congress and the media, the Second Groundless Impeachment, diatribes on the Capitol steps calling for a false justice for people with different ideas is I fear just the beginning.

Only a few Republicans are standing up to this nonsense. Not Liz Cheney, not Lisa Murkowski, not Mitt Romney—henceforth the three to be known as “the three sisters of the West” I have heard very little from our Republican delegation in Washington—all men I respect, but if they represent me, I want them to stand up to the MOB. I hope there aren’t “seven sisters of the West”.

Here is what they should say: Our President did not incite violence. Our President did not participate in a seditious act. Those who support our President are Patriots not traitors.

There is no question that the Dems in Congress are running circles around Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the House. Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer are winning but they won’t win if we continue the fight. It will get worse. But we need to take a play out of their playbook. We need to meet trouble with trouble. We need to be more than the loyal opposition. We need to have more energy, we need to out execute them, and we absolutely must stand on principle and support the ideas and policies that MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

The supporters of Mr. Trump and Mr. Trump himself have accomplished more in 4 years than any President in my lifetime of 70 years.

For that we can all be proud. Let’s all act like it. “If drunk with site of power we lose

And shouting have not Thee in awe. Such Boastings as the gentiles use (reminds me of Nancy P)

And lesser men without The Law. Lord God of Hosts be with us yet

Lest we forget. Lest we forget… Rudyard Kipling

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