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Reprinted with permission of the Idaho Freedom Foundation

There are several legislative scorecards circulating in Idaho, with scores that vary vastly from one representative to another. How do Idahoans sort through the noise and figure out which scorecards accurately portray which of their representatives stand up for Idaho citizens, and which ones stand up for big business and special interest groups?

While there may be several scorecards floating around, only one scorecard tells the real story – the Idaho Freedom Index.

Compiled by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, the Idaho Freedom Index is the only scorecard that comes from the taxpayer’s point of view. IFF’s researchers rate nearly 300 bills to give an accurate representation of what each lawmaker values and which side of the political aisle they truly stand on.

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No other group — aligned with freedom or not — does as much work to tell the real story about the 2022 legislative session.

The team worked tirelessly in order to ensure that taxpayers would know how their lawmakers are truly representing them. A lawmaker’s Freedom Index score represents the proportion of the time that they voted for freedom-oriented policies. So a lawmaker who has a score of 100% voted for freedom-oriented policies every time they cast their vote.

With each bill our team asked the same 12 questions (Click here to view the 12 questions we ask about each bill). The answers to these questions determine each bill’s score, and based on how a lawmaker voted on a bill, that vote would impact their score. With nearly 300 bills rated, one bad vote didn’t determine an overall bad score, so our scorecard tells the real story about each representative. A lawmaker has to consistently vote poorly to acquire an overall bad score on the Freedom Index.

See for yourself how it works by downloading the Freedom Index today. (Click here to download your personal copy). You can also order your own printed copy here (Click here to order a printed copy of the Freedom Index).

If there’s one thing that bad lawmakers hate, it’s having their true colors broadcasted for the world to see. They hate the Freedom Index. Thankfully, the Idaho Freedom Foundation values what is best for Idaho and its people and not the opinions of individual legislatures. We do this work for you, and for the future of Idaho.

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