Vetting the ‘Sorry!’ Big Media

The word conservative is defined as ‘tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions or institutions.’ Precisely, that is what conservatives are all about, namely the maintaining of the Constitution, American values and traditions. Yet mainstream media constantly refers to conservatives like they are “extremists.” The label ‘far right’ is represented in about the same vernacular as terrorists. However, it needs being said that some conservatives today are former liberals that ‘reality’ caught up with.

“Unfortunately, media bias is not one of those issues on which conservatives and liberals can engage in intelligent debate. Liberals continue to do what they have always done in the face of conservative critiques of the media: They simply refuse to acknowledge that any bias exists. No matter how many ties the obvious is proven, and no matter how many ways evidence is documented, liberal elites offer denials and prevarications.” L. Brent Bozell III, in his book “Weapons of Mass Distortion”

Do You Trust the Media?

A recent AP poll found that only six percent of those polled trusted the media, with Democrats more trusting of the news media than Republicans and independents.

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As the poll demonstrates, the amount of trust is akin to that which we place in Congress as a whole. And there certainly is good reasoning behind this lack of trust, especially when the media reports as fact, politically correct positions on various issues, including climate change, gun control, immigration, and abortion. The fact that Democrats have more trust in the media helps to direct a spotlight on why the media is mistrusted.

Author, Bernard Goldberg in his book ‘Arrogance’ states about big media: “We have caught them red-handed and over and over again with their bias exposed, and all they do is Deny! Deny! Deny! Only now the media have become even more brazen. Simply denying isn’t good enough anymore. Now they’re not content looking you in eye and calmly saying, ‘What bias?’ Now they’re just as calmly turning truth on its head, saying the real problem is conservative bias.

“But to deny liberal bias, the elites not only have had to brush off their own viewers, they also have had to paint their critics as wild-eyed ideologues – and then completely misrepresent what they say.”

Americans should loudly talk back to these corrupt media lackeys directly and litigate blatant lies whenever possible. Big media gets away with about anything they have the wish to get away with. After all, these days, where are the consequences? There are none. It’s evident.


Big media bias goes so far as to support far left socialists, world government elitists, the nonsense of ‘subsidizing’ green energy, promoting the corruption-filled global warming scheme, the non-existent investigations of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS pursuit of conservatives, the blatant abuses of our treasured vets at the VA and Obamacare lies and system corruption. And the list goes on and on. Where are the reporters? Is it still a profession? I have such contempt for big media bias, I would rather be flogged than to be exposed to their prattle.

The Keystone Pipeline is supposedly being held up for environmental concerns (to protect prairie chickens). Ever heard of how many thousands of birds (many of them golden eagles) are killed every year on wind mill farms? Google it. If you were to subscribe to the mindset of the ‘caring’ environmentalists, then shouldn’t we be shutting down the windmills? Sure there are genuine practical environmentalists, but the loud ones who are raising hell with much that is good are the clandestine crazies who really are using their ruse for power mongering.

The pipeline fiasco is just like the California farming irrigation disaster created by the federal government to protect a small endangered bait fish. Species have come and gone since the beginning of time. And so have nations. And believe it, or not, America is not immune from extinction. Politics can be insane and conspiracies to eliminate nations can and do exist. It is all shameful and doesn’t have to be. Where is the real investigative reporting?

And talk about gall, our president referred to this central California water shortage as a draught brought on by global warming (AKA climate change). Climate change/global warming is set to be the next really big rip off of America and much of the rest of the world. Its roots are found in the realm of criminality and projected by the worst kind of politicians and supported wholly by big media.

Not reporting factual video evidence as proof and not challenging bold-faced lies on matters of grave importance to our freedoms, financial well-being, and security is devastating our nation and is a travesty among the news media who are unashamedly aware of their transgressions. Vet your news and pursue original sources whenever possible or verify, verify!


Thank God for the energies of patriots doing the best they can reporting on the Internet and in social media as well as the few real news magazines like The New American, radio talk shows and Fox News and organizations such as Tea Parties, the Oath Keepers, Rally Right, Radio Free Redoubt, The Alex Jones Radio Show, The Castle Report, Root for America, Steel On Steel, Chuck Baldwin’s Renew America, The American Christian Network, The John Birch Society, The New American magazine and .com and wonderful statewide publications like The Gem State Or check out the top 100 conservative websites at The New Revere Daily Press.

A good example of authentic original source news that matters, which you are not seeing in the ‘Big Media,’ is “From Brexit to Swexit: Will Sweden Follow If Britain Exits EU?” reported by William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American magazine.

Today you know an organization must be really good if the big media viciously attacks it like they have the Tea Parities and The John Birch Society (JBS) from their inceptions. In the case of JBS, they are only an educational organization of activists who use truth as their only weapon on a mission to reverse our nation’s steady plunge toward socialism. It is a fact that in their 58 years of reporting comprehensive truth on virtually every issue of national and even international importance that they have never been found to have a fact refuted and proven as untruthful. Check out The John Birch Society at and be sure to see the 30 minute video “Overview of America.” After seeing that video, I just had to join the society. At JBS it is not a party thing, it is a Constitution thing. A love of America the beautiful, if you will.

Yet the media has put out such a constant barrage of misinformation and out-right lies about JBS that many Americans are stigmatized with the perception that there is something bad about the society.

I have proudly been a member of JBS now for over 7 years and have never been around a group of more genuine Americans that really care about the direction America is going. Members try very hard to inform people on how we can restore adherence to the Constitution, and traditional American values.

Robert Ringer, author of ‘Restoring the American Dream’ stated: “We do live in the greatest and freest country on earth. But it is much less great and much less free than it once was. The question is, do we love living here enough to do something about preserving what is left of that greatness and freedom, enough to try to restore them to their original status?

“Those who call others unpatriotic or negative because they point out the realities of our decaying structure have it backwards. It is they who are unpatriotic, for it is they who apparently do not love freedom enough to do something about restoring it.”

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