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Vaccination or Termination

This vaccine controversy is going to become even more heated as time goes on but let’s look at what is happening with the number of adverse events that have taken place since December of last year. Every Friday, The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) makes public all vaccine injury reports. Data released July 9, 2021, shows that between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 2, 2021, a total of 438,441 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 9,048 deaths — an increase of 2,063 over the previous week. There were 41,015 serious injuries reported during the same time period up 6,950 compared with last week. What is really important to know is that no-body is taking on the liability for these so called vaccines because they are medical devices not vaccines. If VAERS does not cover these injuries because they do not consider them vaccines question is will the drug companies be required to assume the liability to pay the bill for those who have been injured?

This is going to become a huge problem for employers who force their employees to take the shot as they may wind up assuming some if not all of the liability for any injuries that occur to their employees who required to take the shot. IACI’s president Alex LeBeau says that any incidents occurring from the vaccine should be covered by workmen’s compensation. You can bet that the courts are going to be full of cases where employers are going to be sued by employees for injuries caused by this covid medical device.

Idaho’s 3 primary health care providers St. Luke’s, St, Al’s and Primary care have all stated that they will now discriminate based on their employees’ personal health choices. These three make up a large portion of the powerful medical lobby in Idaho and you can bet they will put their money where their mouth is when it comes to keeping their crony’s legislators and governor quiet while they exploit their employees with forced vaccinations or termination. These are not independent corporations but entities that are subsidized by taxpayer, and government funds. St. Al’s and St. Luke’s are charitable organizations and therefore pay no property taxes yet they are located on some of the most prime properties in our state. Who knows how much money they have received from the CARES program from the federal government?

While our legislative house has not closed for this year’s session and can return it is impossible for them to take any action unless the speaker of the house recalls them. Unfortunately Speaker Bedke has no appetite for bringing the legislature back and has said nothing will happen for at least a couple of weeks. Bedke is in a catch 22 were if he allows the full legislature come into session he will be going against the IACI lobbyists that have kept him in office for so many years. By the same token how bad will he look as a candidate for Lt. Governor if he allows the hospitals to get away with this egregious action of dismissing employees who do not take the covid shot?

On July 13th, Alex LeBeau the President of the politically influential organization the Idaho Association for Commerce and Industry sent what we consider to be an ultimatum that the primary employers of Idaho do not want Bedke to recall the legislature, saying that they have always had the power to require their employees to take vaccines and if they refuse they can fire them at will. Well that may be true for vaccines that are FDA approved but this is a medical device not a vaccine that has been authorized for emergency use only by the FDA because it has not been fully tested. Maybe IACI should change their name to the Idaho Association for Communism and Influence and pretend they are in Germany in 1941.

Covid 19 that they keep advertising as a vaccine does not meet the definition of a vaccine and is considered to be a medical device that has been approved by the FDA and authorized for emergency use only. For this reason alone everyone should be wary of the studies that have been done hastily by the 3 major providers of these medical devices. While all the commercials we see and hear on radio and TV tell us that this is a vaccine that has proven to be safe no one knows what the long term effects will be. Not only are the members of IACI saying they have the right to fire you if you don’t take the Covid19 but if you should get ill or die from they are not liable instead they want to off load any liability on the Workmen’s Compensation System. These employers want to tell you to put this untested medical device in your body but want no liability for any harm that it does.

Let’s keep in mind that most Doctors who have been trained and graduated with a degree in medicine during the past 100 years have been heavily trained to use pharmaceuticals. This is because big pharma is first in line to support the many medical colleges in our country with their huge contributions that insure the potential doctors attending are grilled in the use of big pharma’s products. Doctors are some of the few people that we will put our lives in their hands when we allow them to treat us and I’m not sure anymore if I wouldn’t be a bit less confident in their judgement because they are so tied to big pharma that is making tens of billions of dollars from this so called vaccine for covid.

Currently about 75% of the nurses at our primary care facilities have received the shot but the other 25% have refused to be poked and are risking being terminated. These are the same nurses who worked tirelessly through the Covid emergency often working double shifts and many of them coming down with the disease themselves. What will happen if these Florence Nightingales decide to leave nursing? How big of a hole will that leave at these facilities and how will it influence those who are studying for careers in nursing. Will there be enough nurses to handle another surge of a variant of this virus and how understaffed will these facilities be?

Taking a new drug that has not been approved by the FDA is like playing Russian roulette. No one knows what the long term effects will be on the human body by Covid 19. We all do risk management in our lives and decisions one person makes are not the same for others. We manage risk when we decide to pass a truck on a busy highway or run across a busy street. We manage risk in our finances as to whether we should take out a loan for a new business. Just about everything we do in our everyday lives involves some sort of risk we must make an assessment about. When it comes to an untested drugs or a medical device we don’t always have all of the facts and therefore many people will decide they would rather be safe than sorry and take the shot while others will not. Constitutionally we should have the right to decide what we put into our bodies and no person or entity should have the power to take that decision away. Employers should not have the right to discriminate against those who do not trust this Covid19 medical device approved for emergency use only.

Deciding to take or not take the covid medical device should be a personal decision you make not a decision made by your employer because of the risk involved. This is an emergency use only (vaccine), it has not been fully tested and has a long way to go before it gets a full FDA approval. Having dealt with enough drug companies in my days on Wall Street the FDA in my past I would not put it past them to rush the testing of these medical devices. Vaccines have to go through the entire clinical trial process and FDA approval process, which would normally take a year or two. In the past when the vaccine making process has been rushed, there have been bad outcomes. Most of you will not remember the 1955 release of the first polio vaccine to protect kids at that time I was 10 years old in 3rd grade.

This turned out to be a very tragic event because one of the Drug companies had live virus in their vaccine which caused 40,000 children to get polio and the government had to withdraw the program. Physicians and drug companies actually do make mistakes and they are in the hundreds of thousands a year in fact it is estimated that between 250,000 and 440,000 Americans die each year because of medical errors. This is the third largest cause of death in the U.S. behind heart disease and cancer. So when a doctor or a drug company says to you “Trust Me” keep this in mind. Everyone one can make a mistake but when a physician or a drug company makes one it could cause you serious damage or even death.

Evidently the primary care providers of Idaho have decided not to budge as they are being backed by Idaho’s most powerful lobby group, IACI whose members are the leaders of the most powerful corporations in the state. The providers are even making those who have taken the Covid device wear a blue check mark on their badges as a form of segregation from those who have not received the shot. This has no longer become a healthcare issue but a control issue. It is time for Idahoans to get down to business and let the members of IACI and the other large employers of this state that we are no longer going to put up with their shenanigans.

Idaho needs to take back their state from the corrupt lobbyists and politicians that have proliferated our legislature for too many years. There was a bill in the legislature this year that passed the house to prevent employers from discriminating against those who have not received the shot but it was stuck in Senator Fred Martin’s desk drawer never to see the light of day. The time has come to throw these turncoats who no longer represent the people but the lobbyists and corporate elite out on their ears in the next election.

Janice McGeachin has come out against this movement to force vaccinations or face termination from their employment and it should be noted only she and several other conservative legislators are fighting this movement to vaccinate or terminate. She was also the one who killed the mask mandate while Governor Dolittle was out of town. This lady has the kind of Idaho fight in her to stop the movement of Idaho from Red to Blue and she should be seriously considered by any conservative voter in next year’s primaries. We have been living for the past 20 years with a bunch of do nothing legislators who have gotten worse every year they are reelected to office. Let’s not make that mistake again in 2022.

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