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Uncorroborated Accusations and Important Legislation

Comments by TeaPartyBob on this morning’s Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio – 107.5 FM & 580 AM

Good Morning Kevin: I need to comment about this article in the liberal fake news Huffington Post. This rag is the Enquirer of politics ripping on anyone who they deem a threat to their agenda. This accusation against congressman Fulcher is just one more way that the left is attacking those who are defending our constitutional rights.

Why did this reporter wait a month to report on this incident? Could it be because Fulcher has just been appointed the ranking member on the congressional natural resource committee? This is so typical of the left and this reporter offers no evidence other than his word that congressman Fulcher was abusive to an officer. Maybe he’s been taking lessons from Biden’s son Hunter on how to be a credible liar. The reporter offered no proof of any investigation or corroboration of the incident yet is in every liberal rag on the street. You would think that if he saw this there must have been others who saw the same thing yet no one else has stepped forward and there have been no comments by the police.

This is how the left works they grab onto anything that might be destructive and to a conservative and spread it like a virus hoping it hurts their target. I keep telling people to stop using the social media platforms because they are only out to destroy conservative values but no one seems to want to listen. By reading liberal newspapers and using their social media platforms you’re helping them undermine the very values conservatives stand for.

I see that Rep. Chaney was a bit upset because protesters showed up at his house supposedly with torches and pitchforks while standing in the street. This bill he is sponsoring in the house along with democratic Rep. Brooke Green is a violation of the first amendment and has been introduced because of the demonstrations that took place at Diana Lachiondo and Mayor McLean’s homes.

Chaney said the protestors should have gone to his place of work at the capital instead of his home. I think if a person is representing the people the people should be entitled to redress them where ever they are at home at work or even standing on a street corner. I say to Rep. Chaney if you don’t like the heat get out of the fire and let someone else represent the people in your district that actually believes in the constitution and is willing to defend it.

There’s a senate bill 1110 Introduced by one of our most conservative representatives Steve Vick. This bill would change the requirements for any ballot initiative from 6% of the voters from 18 counties and 6% of all of Idaho’s voters to 6% of voters from all 35 counties and 6% of Idaho’s voters for an initiative to be placed on the ballot. This does not change the number of voters needed for an initiative, it just allows every county in the state to have a say in these initiatives. Why should the most populated counties get to decide on what initiative goes on the ballot leaving out the less populated counties? I urge everyone to call their representatives and ask them to vote for this bill.

Keep in mind that the most populated counties are in the process of turning blue and to give them the upper hand in ballot initiatives is a huge mistake that could affect Idaho’s future. Think Medicaid Expansion which was passed by this type of initiative with the help of millions of dollars from outside Idaho to promote a lot of lies about how Medicaid would not be a burden to taxpayers. We now are finding out that the cost is going to be astronomical. If we want to keep our State conservative we need all the people to be involved in major initiatives not just those in the most populated areas.

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