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Buffoon Moment of Real Time Disconnect

Since Nov. 3rd I have spent little time watching the media repeat their various narratives about the Political Covid-19 Agenda, their dismissive and uninquisitive reporting on the election fraud, or now Impeachment 2, 0. Nothing new. No original thinking by the press or on Fox or MSNBC or anywhere else. Talking points from the White House regurgitated by self-absorbed journalism or communication majors who have never been challenged in school to think critically.

But prior to the HOUSE MANAGERS—henceforth to be known as the “Team Pelosi”, and the Trump Attorney’s final arguments the lead attorney for Mr. Trump stated before the Senate that if depositions were to be heard, he would call witnesses and they would appear in his office for their depositions including Nancy Pelosi. At that point, there was loud laughter that came from both the Republican and Democratic side of the Senate. Trump attorney Vand der Veen then continued explaining the process to the Senate as they continued to laugh—Please click on the link at the end of this article.

At that moment in the proceedings the big disconnect between the establishment—politicians and bureaucrats in the DC Swamp in both political parties, and We the People was exposed. The Senators and House Managers didn’t get it. The thought of Nancy Pelosi being deposed in a trial lawyer’s office in Philadelphia apparently seemed preposterous to them. Not only Nancy “P” but all the officials in the Chamber thought themselves above having to be deposed in such a manner. Going to Chester County Pa. and sitting in an office with video and a Court Reporter is perceived as being beneath them.

Aren’t they “essential” and special people? Don’t they get front-of-the-line privileges for airline tickets, Covid-19 vaccines, and taxpayer-funded boondoggles around the world to places like The Vatican, Hong Kong, or Paris?

But the President’s attorney Michael van der Veen didn’t get the joke. Are Senators and Representatives royalty? Should they be afforded special privileges before the law that everyday citizens don’t enjoy? When in the position of prosecuting an impeachment at trial before the Senate, are they above the idea of “due Process”? Do they even have to follow preset Senate Rules? And what about RULES OF EVIDENCE? The House Managers tampered, withheld, altered and purposefully presented evidence out of context and were caught red handed. They didn’t deny any of these corrupt actions. They were never held accountable for their corrupt and nefarious conduct. Shame on the press for not reporting on this. Shame on the Senate for not at least issuing a censure. Cheating must be OK if it is against Mr. Trump. The managers flat-out cheated. Every day people know this. They don’t feel accountable because they are different than you and me. They are ELITE. They are not ENTITLED to privileges that everyday citizens don’t have.

One other point that is important. Progressives like to use symbols to evoke emotions. The storming of the Capital was wrong, but it was nothing close to an insurgency. It was a planned riot by thugs who existed outside President Trump’s circle of politics or governance. Some were anarchists, or BLM plants, a very few were white supremacists. 200,000 people remained outside the capital and remained peaceful. President Trump offered Nancy Pelosi—who had final authority over the Capital’s security, National Guard Support upfront. WE don’t know if she overturned the recommendations of the Capital Police team—the press has yet to explore that possibility. But I have been more moved by the 12-month assault on our large and medium-sized cities. Is a family losing their home or business any less important than the capital being stormed? Were their individual lives more in jeopardy and were they more afraid being in their safe places in the basement of the capital than citizens who were in the middle of the “summer of love”? Is it not the job of government to protect citizens first and themselves second? Are Congressmen and Senators sitting in session any more important or even more valuable to society than families and businesses?

When you think the people exist to serve you instead of you existing to serve the people your priorities become lost in your own sense of self-importance. You forget who you are and what your job is supposed to be. You are to protect the people first. If every day people have to go to Philadelphia, Boise, or Sandpoint for a deposition then you should have to do the same. Your obligation to comply with the law is because you are a citizen, and if you are a Congressmen or Senator, being a citizen is your number one responsibility and the duties of citizenship don’t change because you are an elected official. Virgil said that 2000 years ago.

Making the Capital a more important place, making the Capital a symbol, and placing individuals, families, and private businesses in a lesser position is precisely why those Congressmen and Senators laughed at the idea of Nancy Pelosi being deposed in Philadelphia. The joke was on them and they are so prideful, conceited, and self-absorbed with their own perceived self-importance that they still don’t get it. Mr. van der Veen did. I did. 75million Americans did.

A final note to those living in “The Swamp”. YOU AREN’T SPECIAL. We fought a Revolution to prove it. We have a Constitution that says so. Thank God we have attorneys ( I can’t believe I am saying this) that every day in civil and criminal courts stand up to make sure that the playing field is the same for everybody. They take citizens’ depositions, and examine them and cross-examine them in court, and make pleadings before judges. There are no Kings or Queens that get special privileges. At least that is the way it was supposed to be. Keep laughing. The joke is on you.

PS MAGA/”Fight like hell”

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Very Well said Dr Livingston. Especially the “PS MAGA/”Fight like hell””
Also, Mr Van Der Veen is my new Hero!

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