Why was Trump’s Speech Censored?

President Trump’s December 23 speech about the fraudulent General Election was censored by the mainstream media.

Fortunately, the speech can still be viewed above or at this link. (Content begins at the 1:30 mark.)

Citizens’ testimony during state legislature hearings and in signed affidavits provides this evidence of massive voter and election fraud:

Christ Troupis Book
  • Poll book data documenting fraudulent addresses and unqualified voters;
  • Georgia voting center camera footage of suitcases of ballots counted by four election workers after poll watchers and media were asked to leave;
  • forensic audits and witness testimony indicating vote tabulation and adjudication machines were connected to the internet and accessed in China and other countries;
  • election data algorithms demonstrating a Maricopa Co “weighted race” vote count in favor of Biden (each vote for Biden was tallied as 1.3 votes and each Trump vote was tallied as .7 votes);
  • thousands of uncreased mail ballots without signature envelopes (which are clearly fraudulent) counted on November 4, with almost all votes for Biden;
  • extensive vote counting after Election DAY, even though the law establishes a uniform DAY on which the General Election must be CONCLUDED;
  • truckloads of ballots transported to voting centers from other states (i.e., no secure submission of ballots by individual voters); and
  • numerous states’ violation of their own election laws and the U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 1, clause 2.

Just because a court won’t hear a case doesn’t mean the evidence isn’t true.

There are three Constitutional “checks” to ensure this election is not awarded to Biden and Harris, whose alleged “win” was obviously achieved by fraud, despite the mainstream media’s blackout of that truth.

First, Vice President Mike Pence should discard (not count) the Biden-Harris slates of electors he has received from the contested states (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada).

Second, before January 6 each of those states’ legislatures should meet to (a) de-certify their Secretary of State/Governor’s alleged Biden “win” election results, (b) assert Trump and Pence as the winners of their state’s election, and (c) affirm the Trump-Pence slate of electors as the only valid Electoral College results for the state. [Note: each of the contested states submitted dual slates of electors.]

Third, if Pence counts any Biden-Harris electors for those states, ALL members of Congress must object to and vote against the certification of those unlawful electors.

It is our Vice President and legislators’ sworn duty to defend the Constitution against enemies of our Republic, both foreign and domestic. This election’s fraud was not a small isolated incident: It was a concerted action by the media, election officials and workers, postal workers, local government and state officials, and foreign governments to corrupt the election to achieve a Biden-Harris victory when NO SUCH VICTORY EXISTED AT THE CLOSE OF ELECTION DAY. The guilty parties’ blatant violation of state and federal election laws and the U.S. Constitution represent an existential threat to our Republic and must be countered.

A uniform Election DAY is codified in law. The accepted election results for the contested states (if results for those states are allowed at all) should be the vote tallies that existed on November 3 at 11:59 p.m. (or earlier, if a state stopped counting votes before 11:59 p.m.). Voter and election fraud had still occurred during the days preceding and during Election DAY, but at least the race-flipping, fraudulent Biden ballot dumps that transpired during the early hours of November 4 would be purged.

Let us hope and pray that our representative government leaders will have the integrity and courage to award this election to the true recipients of the majority of American citizens’ LEGAL votes: Donald J. Trump and Michael Pence.

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