The True Meaning of Christmas

There would be no Christmas celebration without Christ. It is encouraging to see Americans around the country winning battles to uphold and restore traditional Christian values. This country was founded largely by Christians who escaped oppressive dictators in Europe and the state Church of England, which denied freedom of religious expression as do the so-called “churches” in communist countries today. The Supreme Court ruled many times that this is a Christian nation until they removed prayer and Bible reading from schools in 1962-63.

Our founding fathers, while not all members of the same church or denomination, had common religious beliefs which run like golden threads through The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution. These self-evident truths common to most religions include a respect for a Creator as supreme power in the universe; Obedience to a moral code such as The Ten Commandments; Responsibility of mankind towards his fellow man (The Golden Rule); Belief in life after death and a judgment day in the next life.

The founders, including Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and John and Samuel Adams, referred to these fundamental beliefs as the “Religion of America” and said they all belonged to the same Christian religion, although not to the same denomination. Jefferson called these basic beliefs the principles “in which God has united us all.” These Christian leaders wanted religion to be a part of government including our schools. They did not want a national denomination! Separation of church and state is not in the Constitution. The American Revolution connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.

As we celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts, let us remember God’s gift to mankind, Jesus Christ, and Christ’s gifts of the atonement and eternal life for us. These are the gifts of real worth. Have a Merry Christmas!

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