Why Ryan Zinke will Expand Federal control as Interior Secretary

Montana U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke’s appointment as U.S. Secretary of the Interior by President Elect Donald Trump must be stopped.

Montana U.S. Representative Zinke, U.S. Senator Daines, U.S. Senator Tester, Governor Bullock and AG Fox are all holding hands with the feds and the Montana reservation tribes NOT THE MAJORITY OF THE MONTANA PROPERTY OWNERS AND VOTERS. Their concerted agenda is to expand federal control of Montana water, timber and public land using the tribes as the bait.

Add to this picture that neither Montana attorneys nor Montana municipalities opposed the Federal-State-Tribal CSKAT Water Compact. This action of nominating Zinke does not match Trump’s repeated “Drain the Swamp” campaign sloganeering. Over half of the Montana State government elected is part of this swamp based on the vote for the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) Water Compact taking alone. Why you ask? Because the tribes have more cash from the annual U.S. $20 billion federal subsidy, plus the gambling revenue, than the property owners.

It is imperative every American who wants to return control of their private and public resources versus bending over to the fed and tribal minority do the following immediately.

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  1. Contact your own U.S. and state senator and representative communicating your reasons why Zinke is not a good choice for Secretary of Interior.
  2. Remember the resources Zinke and his cronies are sewing up for the feds in Montana will be continued in your state on steroids if he goes in to federal office.
  3. Contact Trump’s Transition Team here – in short clear statements.
  4. Also link here to Laura Lee’s email (12-19-2016) re. all to contact.
  5. Reference these websites to support your case as you wish.
  6. Elaine Willman’s letter is uploaded to my site page “Freedom From Water Takings” here – Section 1, Block 10
  7. Talking points, in my mind include the following, please add your own:
    1. Zinke, Daines & Tester are all colluding with the feds and the tribes along with the Montana Governor Bullock and Attorney General Fox. This is very clear, see above three websites for more detail.
    2. Think UN Agenda 21 and beyond.
    3. Zinke opposes transfer of federal lands to the states.
    4. Many intelligent and honest Montana’s Citizens and politicians are driven to this desperate act of transferring Montana natural resources to the tribes and U.S. federal government cereal agencies believing there is no other alternative. UN agendas are a global sickness believing a one world order trumps local traditions and values.
    5. Many states, federal and tribal lawyers all believe that the federal reservations are “sovereign” with “aboriginal rights” and are entitled to “their” land, water and natural resources in and around these public land reservations in a very large radius. This is called progressive law or creeping fascism.
    6. This American nationwide trend to transfer natural resources to anyone else but the government is also a financial con game to take your private property and wages which was used to pay for the maintenance of public lands and now to dump those assets and continue to take everything and more of your precious unalienable rights.
    7. The tribes should not be allowed to make campaign donations to any politician, especially as a pseudo so-called tribal “government”. The tribes are no more of a government than all of my German and Norwegian ancestors in America are tribal sovereign “governments.”
    8. The tribes have no more sovereignty and no more so-called “aboriginal rights” than any natural born American Citizen. Any court or public official saying they do and voting for this de-facto color of law is doing so to line their campaign war chests which run against the charter of a free Republic to protect the property and water rights of the majority they serve, i.e. sovereign state Citizens. Think of the courts as “Co..Urts.”
    9. Any court decisions favoring tribal sovereignty are “Bills of Attainder” and would not become law in a true and honest Republic, let alone be used to create legal racial fiction, that one race of Americans is more sovereign than another.
    10. State Citizens must demand that their federal and state governments enact legislation redacting all tribal subsidies, claims of tribal “sovereignty” and “aboriginal rights” as race-baiting inflammatory political agenda to manipulate land and natural resources, i.e. global to local racketeering. See more on this U.S. Constitutional limitation here. It appears, at my first glance research, that Congress has torpedoed “Bills of Attainder” (U.S. Constitution Art. I, Sect. 9. Clause 3) as a CYA, i.e. covered their ass, no surprise there.
    11. Subsidizing tribes by federal tax taking and issuance of debt needs to stop completely as this funding is clearly being used to employ and tie up all legal resources in Montana state to litigate and donate to war chests to elect and hold tribal political advocates in public office while preventing and minimizing anyone opposing federal tribal expansion. Communicate this demand with all your municipal, state and U.S. elected.
    12. Bills are flowing out of state legislators without being vetted to their state constitution and left for challenge by default at huge expense and time to opposition. Passing bills are too easily corrupted without a constitutional challenge. Each bill needs to be challenged by independent and credible constitutional law firms on both sides of the bill. The bill can only pass if both constitutional experts agree it passes constitutional muster. If either one disagrees, the bill fails to pass. Communicate this demand with all your municipal, state and U.S. elected officials.
    13. Bills are also being packed and buried into other bills to camouflage their agenda. Demand your state and U.S. representatives and senators to stop this deception. Bills must be kept separate and distinct. Their meaning must be clear, transparent and easily tracked by the public at all time from the state to the U.S. Congress.
    14. Also, any bills affecting local communities must be voted on by those communities impacted directly and indirectly to stop manipulation of the bill by global to local political agenda. State representatives and senators are not empowered to make life impacting decisions in their behalf. They are to bring such bills before the public for a vote at the local level.
    15. Why are the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes receiving 13 times the acre-feet of water than all the other Montana tribes combined?
    16. The Treaty of Hellgate only gives fishing rights not water rights. The courts have legislated from the bench the conveyance of water rights. This needs to be reversed from the states house and senate immediately.
    17. Montana state highest ranking public officials are clearly colluding in this treachery to ram rod bills they favor supporting their political war chests without the consent of the individuals, families and communities impacted. They are clearly not representing the majority of their state Citizens. They appear to be better representing their “go along to get along” and “let’s make a deal” attitude versus changing the toxic defacto feel good creeping fascism in our court decisions. See above websites for more detail on this.
    18. Plus many of these bills are not fully read or coordinated with both sides and especially are not discussed with local constituents. This is at the core of the destruction of a true and honest free choice Republic. Too many public elected people believe they are empowered to decide life, death, taxes, regulations and usury upon our own self, family, private and public property and wages. This is sick ideology.
    19. It is imperative to take action and call or group fax the following key U.S. Congressman and Congresswomen re. S.2012, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act. Group fax is easier for the broadest impact. Write your letter and reference this material if you wish and group fax to at least the following from your printer or go to your nearest print store with your letter and ask them to group fax it. Yes, I have done this and not one of them replies. Many are making it difficult to find their fax numbers. What does that tell you? They intentionally want to make it so difficult to communicate, you will not and then they will tell you all the reasons why they make it difficult.
    20. Tell them to stop this bill and hold it for EIS and public comments and subcommittee hearing(s):
      1. Steve Daines, MT: 202-224-2651, Fax 202-224-9412, Contact Link
      2. Rep. Ryan Zinke, MT: 202-225-3211, Fax 202-225-5687, Contact Link
      3. Rep. Rob Bishop, UT & Chair, House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs, Fax 202-225-3857
      4. Rep. Don Young, AL & Chair, House Natural Resources Committee, Fax 202-225-0425
      5. Rep. Rep. John Fleming, LA & Chair, House Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans, Fax 202-225-8039
      6. Rep. Mike Conaway, TX & Chair, House Committee on Agriculture, Fax 202-225-1783
      7. Rep. Glenn Thompson, PA & Chair, House Subcommittee on conservation and Forestry, Fax 202-225-5796
      8. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, AL & Chair, Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, Fax 225-224-5301
      9. Sen. John Barrasso, WY & Chair, Senate Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests, and Mining, Fax 202-224-1724
      10. Sen. Mike Lee, UT & Chair, Senate Subcommittee on Water and Power, Fax 202-228-1168
      11. Sen. Pat Roberts, KS & chair, Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry, Fax 202-224-3514
      12. Sen. David Perdue, GA & Chair, Senate Subcommittee on Conservation, Forestry and Natural Resources, Fax 202-228-1031

Jack Venrick is from Rollins, Montana and his website is

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