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Too ‘Little’, Too Late

It appears that Brad Little decided to try playing Governor by issuing an Executive order on March 19 designated the “Licensing Freedom Act”, which is supposed to be a review of State Licensing Requirements.

Now does anyone really think that this order was issued while Little was acting Governor without the ok of Butch Otter?

Of course not, yet we have Idaho Reports and the Freedom Foundation acting as if this was Brad Little’s idea and he was actually making an executive decision. The Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hoffman recalled in his comments that Little voted to license HAVC installers in 2003 while a senator and in 2005 he voted to require building contractors to register with the state as part of a quasi-licensure scheme and that same year voted to license naturopaths. Now does this sound like someone who really wants to look into the licensure procedures to ease restrictions or someone who is trying to get the public to think he is a conservative politician?

All this maneuver by Little does is to show us that he could not be a serious candidate for governor but just a play-acting candidate for governor. The real kicker here is that the Executive Order 2017-06 requires State agencies to submit a report to the Office of the Governor no later than July 1, 2018, which is after the legislature is out of session and after the primary election. Mr. Hoffman reminded us once again in his article that in 2015 Lt. Governor Little cast the tie-breaking vote on a bill to license sign language interpreters, allowing the bill to reach Otter’s desk only for him to veto the bill. Then in 2017 a new version of that bill was passed and was signed into law by Otter.

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Does everyone see what a farce this is and that Little has shown time and again through his voting history that he is for more regulation? Even when confronted on the Grocery tax bill which was vetoed by Otter, Little said he was for eliminating the grocery tax but if that is true why didn’t he work to get the grocery tax repealed in previous legislative sessions. What happened this year did he have an epiphany or did he know before hand as many liberal legislators did that Otter would veto the bill if it passed the legislature? This whole grocery tax veto was carefully planned by Speaker Bedke and Governor Otter for the bill to show up on his desk too late for the legislature to do anything about his veto.

The only one running for Governor who has ever done anything to eliminate the grocery tax is Russ Fulcher, when he got the grocery tax credit passed—saving taxpayers $600 million—in spite of Otters disapproval. It’s time to vote in elected officials who care about the citizens of Idaho and not just about themselves and getting reelected. We have four candidates running for Governor of Idaho and the only one who has tried to help the taxpayers so far as we can count and that is Fulcher. Labrador is an opportunist with no business experience to run a state. In fact, if we checked his resume we would find that his past business experience is running a 12 person law office. The other question is, how does someone represent the people of Idaho in congress and campaign for governor at the same time without shortchanging the people who elected him? Tom Ahlquist is a man seeking a new career after being an ER Doctor and Urban Renewal Developer… Question is, does Tom even know what he wants to be when he grows up? Brad Little has been playing second fiddle to Otter for so long, he now desires to be the conductor of this corrupt crony government symphony. We think Brad is a nice guy but feel he would be more of an asset to the state if he returned to running the family business and got out of government altogether.

Not to worry we all have a year to make our decision on the next governor of Idaho but might we suggest that this time everyone learn about the candidates who are running and sort out the truth from the usual lies they will tell us.Remember:

Remember: “We Get the Government We Deserve”

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