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Is Tommy Ahlquist a Real Conservative or Just Another kind of Crony?

I have to say, after listening to Tommy Ahlquist on the Kevin Miller show answer questions and pontificate about how he is going to fix health insurance, I am even more skeptical of the rhetoric that he has been tossing around in his ads about the other candidates.

He had an opportunity to defend himself on the accusations he has made about congressman Labrador on Miller’s show and he declined. It’s my contention that he has no evidence for making those derogatory accusations and thinks it’s ok for his PAC to run damaging ads, but he doesn’t want to be caught saying them himself because he has no evidence.

Tommy keeps talking about how he is going to fix Health Insurance, but we still haven’t seen a plan to do that, just a lot of talk. Tommy was an ER doctor for 15 years in the system and should have been aware of the problems that were developing while he was involved, but I don’t remember a time that he ever said a word about why the cost of insurance was spiraling out of control.

Could it be that he was making a great living collecting those insurance payouts as an ER doctor? I’m sure he never gave back a paycheck to help lower the premiums of those he serviced in the hospital. We know he sure wasn’t a voice of reason in 2014 when the State Health Care exchange was born in a Red state. We also didn’t hear him arguing about the bad changes the Governor and Lt. Governor recently made by executive order to swing the sickest people over to Medicaid from regular insurance.

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Tommy has long-term relationships with all the insurance company CEO’s and has said so in a taped interview. I think if he were sincere about making changes he would have come out and talked about them before he decided to run for Governor.

As for him continually referring to himself as the second coming of Trump, he is anything but a Trump and in fact, he is not even close to being a Donald Trump. He is right about the cronyism in this state, something that we have been talking about for 5 years, but what did he do about it before this election campaign? I don’t remember him being at the capital testifying before committees on many of these subjects he claims to want to fix. Where was his voice on the School Wi-Fi scandal or the Correction Corp of America debacle that Otter swept under the carpet? Tommy’s voice was nowhere to be heard.

He talks about saving $100 million in taxes when what he is really saying is that he is just going to reallocate the money to his priorities. I’m not buying what he is saying because he has been a behind-the-scenes player with the crony establishment, and the testimony to that is the many tax dollars he has used in his urban renewal projects, which says he is ok with the government picking winners and losers.

Tommy Ahlquist talks the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk. Labrador has a good record as a conservative, and I would rather vote for someone who has proven themselves over the years than to take a chance on a Johnny come lately with a lot of money posing as a conservative with no real history of fighting for conservative values.

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