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The Three Stooges go to Washington

This past week many of you may have received an e-mail from Lt. Governor Brad Little or seen him on Fox News blustering about his recent visit to Washington to meet with officials from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Seema Verma. Little, accompanied by Senator James Risch and Department of Insurance Director Dean Cameron, traveled at taxpayer expense to try to get approval for a plan that will do little or nothing to solve the Medicaid problem in Idaho.

You have to understand the history of Brad Little, Senator Risch, and Dean Cameron who were three of our legislators who promoted strongly—or, in Risch’s case, stood by quietly—while Obamacare was welcomed into our state with the authorization of Idaho’s State Healthcare Exchange back in 2014. These people are responsible for the cancellation of tens of thousands of private insurance policies, which caused insured Idahoans to change doctors, and in some cases hospitals while premiums skyrocketed.

Little stood by idly while the gang of 14 led by Representative Mike Malek in the house and Senator Cameron in the Senate obeyed Governors Otters orders and pushed the exchange into existence. Senator Risch just stood quietly on the sidelines and just watched as our Red state got stuck with a large Blue bruise of Obamacare.

We should all be entirely sick and tired of the phony boloney actions by candidate Little and the establishment cronies who are backing him for governor. Brad Little does not deserve to be elected to the highest office of our state. As Lt. Governor, he has been a lackey for Butch Otter since he was appointed to the legislature. Brad Little is great at glad-handing and grandstanding any time he gets an opportunity but when it comes right down to it, he has been a do-nothing shadow of Governor Otter. We wonder why anyone would expect him to do anything different then Butch for the next four years if elected.

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We don’t need any more old gators in the swamp, as our legislature is already full of them along with the lobbyists who keep them supplied with enough money to stay in office. What we need are more Labrador’s who, when he says he is going to talk to the President on our behalf, actually meets with President Trump, not with his aides or administrative lackeys. What Little tried to imply with his rushed visit to Washington was to make Idahoans think that he actually had some real influence with the Trump administration. I assure you nothing could be further from the truth.

Does anyone remember Little being a staunch supporter of Trump? Does everyone remember that Butch Otter supported John Kasich for president? Does everyone remember that Otter expected to be nominated for a position in the Trump administration but never got the call? Do you wonder why? So how much influence do you think Otter or Little really have in Washington? The answer is virtually none.

If we want to have a voice in Washington with the Trump administration, then Congressman Labrador is the person who will give Idaho that voice. He has been an outspoken supporter of Trump from his nomination to his election as our president, and one of the few people to whom we believe Trump will actually listen. It’s “too little too late” for Brad and the great pretenders that surround him, as we have their number and the number is zero.

The Crony Establishment of Idaho are scared out of their pants that Labrador will be elected. They are pulling out all of the stops to keep their cushy positions in the bureaucratic quagmire that has been sucking the citizens of Idaho dry for 12 years. Do you remember their sweetheart deals like changing the contract last minute for Quest/CenturyLink to build out our school Wi-Fi system that cost tens of millions in lawsuits and reimbursements? Even better, how about the tens of millions wasted by Tom Luna with common core and dumb government contracts? Will you forget about how Otter manipulated the legislature to kill repeal of the Grocery Tax and stop the legalization of CBD oil to help the 1,500 children suffering from epilepsy? Or how about the Corrections Corporation of America scandal which we don’t even know how much it cost because there was never an investigation. Enough is enough!

We all need to be mindful of the people who pretended to be our friends because it is just those people who have been fleecing us of our tax dollars and buying favor with their lobbyist’s buddies for the past 12 years. Let this be the end of an era for the cronies and the corrupt government they represent that has kept Idahoan’s wages low and insurance premiums high to take care of their buddies.

We need to throw out the bums and bring in some real talent that will cut taxes and bring high paying jobs to our state. We need an anti-crony, uncorrupt, able leader like Raul Labrador who knows how to get things done without the lobbyists and cronies. What we don’t need any more of is a Brad Little or as we call him Butch Lite.

If you want real change, you need to open your eyes and remember the past 12 years when you get into the voting booth in May, because “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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