Three Issues for Idaho’s Rural District 8

There are three main issues that affect most of us in rural District 8. District 8 includes Gem, Valley, Boise, Custer and Lemhi Counties. It is because of these issues that I find myself running for Legislative District 8B Representative. There is no place like home but our homes, livelihoods and ways of life are in jeopardy to an unstoppable increase in government influence over everything. Let me state clearly these three important issues that must be countered to reward our lives and our children’s lives with happiness and prosperity.

Idaho is divided in jurisdiction and policy regarding public lands and its management. Today’s public land issues have escalated and polarized public opinion leaving our communities vulnerable to political whims of the day. We seem to have forgotten the many benefits once enjoyed under a previous Multiple Use management plan. Current public land management does not account for human activities in any positive way, if you are the avid hunter, recreationalist or for those seeking opportunity logging, mining or grazing these lands. The loss of these lands from productive use has left our people underemployed, our children undereducated and our businesses closing. Unfortunately masters at all levels of government are pushing rural Idaho down a perilous path directing what they shall do rather than protecting people from the regulator’s extending reach. Government that governs best is that closest to the people. It is time Idaho manages her lands and brings back a healthy Multiple Use initiative under state management.

Of all government programs those with greatest impact to future generations are those federally mandated for education. Idaho has steadily progressed toward the bottom of the scale now ranked 46 nationwide in education (, Kevin Richert, 01/09/2015). This poor result didn’t happen when local communities set the standard. Common Core, the most recent program embellished as a cure all to our woeful education performance, is just another empty and expensive promise. Common Core has invaded our schools with untested methods and unverified results designed to transform teachers to facilitators instead of education professionals. Local school boards and district parents should determine those standards and curriculum best suited to educate their students.

As a small business owner I know first-hand the ramifications of rising healthcare insurance costs. Mandates for business owners to provide medical insurance for their employees is running many out of business. Many small businesses face costly penalties leaving them no longer price competitive in their market. Employers are simply not hiring extra help to avoid expensive health care plans. Free market solutions are needed to allow businesses to purchase plans that best fit their economic situations.

I am Dorothy Moon and I ask for your support in my campaign. I believe I am most qualified with my life experiences and education to best represent our rural Legislative District. Please visit my website at to find out my position on other issues.

Gem State Patriot News