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Three Cheers for the Boise Rescue Mission

It is that time of year when Mr. Kevin Miller of KIDO radio begins his weeklong adventure at the Walmart at Garrity in Nampa to raise funds for the Boise Rescue Mission.

I don’t know of anyone in Idaho who is more committed to helping those who cannot help themselves than Kevin Miller. So, this week is an opportunity for everyone in the Treasure Valley to do a little something to help this worthy cause by giving a donation to help Reverend Bill Roscoe on his quest to keep the Rescue mission on track so it can continue to help those less fortunate.

Rescue Mission has been the one constant institution that has been instrumental in helping Idahoans who have fallen on hard times or been affected by alcohol and drug abuse. The people of Idaho should be grateful that we have such an institution that with no government money is able to shelter and feed the thousands who have fallen on hard times.

This year has been especially difficult for many Idahoans who have had trouble finding adequate places to live because of the high cost of housing along with rampant inflation driving the cost of food and transportation. The Rescue Mission has always been there to help these people but only because of the generosity of the citizens of the Treasure Valley.

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We ask you to join Kevin and Reverend Bill at the Walmart at Garrity this coming week and be a part of helping the Rescue Mission continue to provide essential services necessary to those most in need of them.

Thank You

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