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A Week to Praise those who Serve and Protect

For the past three years there have been calls from the left to defund our police by many leftists’ organizations as we have seen crime numbers increase at an alarming rate. Crime is soaring in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York as marauding gangs are roaming the streets striking wherever they think there will be little or no resistance. Homicides, shootings, and robberies have become commonplace and are skyrocketing out of control while our police are leaving their jobs in droves. Soros Backed Attorney’s General are changing the rules on bail, allowing some of the worst criminals to run loose and continue their criminal activities. Many criminals are being released the same day they are arrested and are back on the streets committing more acts of violence. It is a wonder that there are any police left to protect the citizens of these high crime ridden cities.

We here in Idaho should be comforted by the fact that we don’t have this type of violence in our metropolitan areas and much of this is because we have superior law enforcement organizations who are protecting the public. We believe that having a competent police presence along with Idaho being a right to carry state have been instrumental in keeping crime low compared to most other cities of its size. While looking through the various search engines like Google, Duck Duck Go and Brave we find that the left have monopolized these engines with hordes of commentary on this subject. As with everything else, when the left doesn’t agree with something they will tell you consistently that the right to carry does nothing to reduce crime. Gun control supporters believe that RTC laws cause crime. However, since 1991, when violent crime hit an all-time high, 25 states have adopted RTC laws, the number of people with carry permits has risen to over 16 million, and by 2019 the nation’s violent crime rate had decreased to one of the lowest points in recent history.

Unfortunately, these numbers are now on the rise again, especially in the larger metropolitan cities that claim they are safe havens for illegals. Anyone who believes that we are safer now since the border has been literally left wide open for anyone to enter is smoking too much wacky weed. Criminal activities are on the rise and in most cases our police departments are having a difficult time dealing with the human, and drug-related trafficking that has become a plague in many communities. The number of people dying from fentanyl continues to rise as police eliminate one source and another pops up almost immediately.

The challenges that today’s law enforcement officers face is far more difficult than they were a decade ago and their lives are at risk more often than ever. The world as we used to know has changed dramatically with the advent of an open southern border. The drug cartels have virtually taken control of human trafficking and the importation of deadly drugs like fentanyl. It seems the more we try to stop this trafficking the worse it gets as our country appears to be under a constant state of siege. When you add on the newest revelations about the irregularities in the hierarchy in the FBI and other federal agencies it has festered a new distrust in law enforcement. When the leaders of our most revered law enforcement agencies are accused of being complicit in nefarious acts that have altered the course of our country with accusations of election tampering, you have a perfect storm of disinformation leading to the corruption of our law enforcement agencies and the government officials who control them.

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Idaho has been very much a conservative Island for decades in a sea of progressivism but that has been rapidly changing in the past decade as more progressives move to our state and become involved in government. In the last few years, we have seen some serious changes in our law enforcement, especially in Boise with the advent of progressive politicians like Mayor Mclean being elected. She has made major changes in the hiring practices when it comes to staffing police personnel, and many good, qualified officers have retired or quit because of her decisions. We even saw a shake up in the Caldwell police Dept. but all in all I still believe we have some of the best law enforcement in the country even though we may occasionally find a bad egg or two.

As citizens, we need to understand that if we are to have a safe community, we need quality men and women to serve as police officers. Our country is in a current state of major discourse where tempers are running hot and common sense is no longer the order of the day. The number of confrontations continue to rise along with criminal activity from an open southern border. We all need to take a moment to thank those who protect and serve for they are the difference between chaos and peace in our daily lives. Let’s make sure we pay these people a living wage and give them the tools necessary to maintain a quality law and order environment as they are the first line of defense when it comes to our safety. By the same token let’s remember that it is the politicians that we elect who set policies that our police must follow and live by. That in itself can be a challenge when we get progressives like Mayor McLean in charge of a large metropolitan area like Boise.

If the people, we put in charge of enforcing our laws are incompetent or corrupt then you can bet that there will be problems with the policies that our police are ordered to follow. We just recently found out how bad it can get with the latest report on the Trump Russia Collusion investigation. Here we have proof that senior managers of our number one law enforcement agency colluded to effectively influence an election. This should send an important message to all U.S. citizens that corruption can be found everywhere even in the agencies we come to trust for decades to watch our backs. It is like I always say. “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

We at the Gem State Patriot give a big Thank You to all who Protect and Serve our state.

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2 replies on “A Week to Praise those who Serve and Protect”

heres my thoughts during the Covid fiasco Police gave litt3le regards to people who wanted to go to the park. Because of Missinformation by Idaho medical Mobs Bosses she was attacked and jailed by Meridians finest.My Sheriff here in Idaho County at the the time agreed that Government does not follow Their Constitution. places were closed and many businesses closed for ever. Now you see the results of Medical tyanny. Masks almost got the Medical sued by me but at the last moment when i entered the doctors office the staff relented. The people are not going to be treated in that manner Medical ,Police, are only services blatently used to remove peoples rights, and i and others wont take theis tyranny much longer I know my rights, ive learned them and that comes with warning “dont step on this Snake”.

In many ways the real criminals, that supposedly protect and serve, are the police and the entire legal profession that are involved in extortion, racketeering and even murder. Their crimes go unreported because the public are too ignorant/ blind to see their actions as crimes. Because of the people’s ignorance we are all enslaved under communism and too stupid to see it.

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