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The Quality of Mercy

There are many words that I believe can be used to describe the way that (st.) Luke’s is acting in their treatment of Mr. Ammon Bundy. I believe Mr. Bundy has made mistakes both in his actions that initiated legal proceedings against him, and on several occasions in the way he has disrespected the court—especially in not even showing up for his civil trial several weeks ago.

He has tried to adjudicate the case in the “court of public opinion” instead of affording himself the opportunity to not only advocate for his innocence, but to also put the proceedings themselves on trial and allow for an appeal and review of his case.

Mr. Bundy is a brave man with strong convictions. He pleaded guilty earlier to a charge of trespassing. At no time was there any claim of civil assault. I was not at his most recent trial, nor have I reviewed the transcript, but the vigorous prosecution/persecution has led many citizens—even those who don’t support Mr. Bundy wondering—to what end?

One of the largest corporations in Idaho against one man and $52million! Really. Putting a target on his back to make a political statement has proven costly. Arrogance and hubris were practiced in the case by all the parties. Respect for one’s adversary was nowhere to be found. It is a perfect example how the vortex of passions can spin out of control ending in a place no one could have imagined when the process began. The legal system is supposed to keep this type of thing from happening. Everybody I have talked to on all sides of the political spectrum, including several attorneys, have wondered—”how could it ever have come to this” and “enough already or enough is enough”. The outcome was horrendous for Mr. Bundy, but it was also bad for the plaintiff that comes off as hateful, spiteful and a bully.

I have been reminded pursuant to the events that have led to Mr. Bundy’s most recent incarceration and bail of Act 4 in Shakespeare’s MERCHANT OF VENICE.

First Sylock the money lender demands a “pound of flesh” from Antonio.

Portia (disguised as a Doctor of Law (judge jl.) concludes the conflict between the two by casting her judgement—”a pound of flesh/ take then thy bond, take though pound of flesh…”, but here is the catch, “without a drop of blood”.

St. Luke’s seems to want both Mr. Bundy’s flesh and blood and everything else that he possesses. Later in Act 4 is the often quoted “Mercy Speech” given by Portia.

“The quality of mercy is not strained;
It dropeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest;
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:
‘T is mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown:
His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above this sceptred sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God himself.
And earthly power doth then show likest God’s.
When mercy seasons justice.

Aquinas wrote that there could be no justice without mercy. The two complement each other. Ironically, the Gospel of St. Luke is often called The Gospel of Mercy. In its beginning Chapter, it begins with two “canticles” or hymns in praise of Devine Mercy—The Benedictis and The Magnificent. Later, we are told to “be merciful to others as God is merciful to us.”

There can be no justice without mercy. I have tried to find forgiveness in my heart for the actions of St. Luke’s and I will continue to do so, but I can’t help but think that we should consider dropping the (st.) from the Luke’s in the logo of a once great health care system.

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The so-called justice system is criminal. No one, absolutely no one, can get a fair hearing in the courts.
Until you yourselves have become a victim of theirs you will not be able to see why Mr. Bundy does not/ would not be a participant in the war against him.
You have allowed government to become your god!

John, your articles make you come off as a know-it-all Doctor who believes that you are the only one who knows or does what is right. But you have never done anything for America or for stood for Freedom the way Ammon has.

I get sick of people like you saying things like, “I believe Mr. Bundy has made mistakes both in his actions that initiated legal proceedings against him, and on several occasions in the way he has disrespected the court—especially in not even showing up for his civil trial several weeks ago.” Are you serious? Name one mistake you think he made that caused this lawsuit? Just one. You mean to say that publicly exposing how St. Luke’s hospital is part of a racket of child traffickers in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped baby was somehow wrong? Explain how. I want to hear about it.

Where were you? What did you do to help Baby Cyrus? Did you even lift a finger to save a baby who probably would have been killed by the CPS system?

And then to complain that Ammon disrespected the court by not showing up to the trial is so stupid that it places your arrogance far above your intelligence.

Ammon has explained that he had two choices: the first to intentionally ignore the case and pay the defaulted judgment of $50k. Or he could spend every waking hour of his life fighting the case, end his gubernatorial campaign, and then spend $250k out of his own pocket on legal fees. What option would you choose?

Ammon did the right thing, but armchair quarterbacks like you who have no real balls will never understand because you’ve never entered into the real world like Ammon and fought for something that actually matters.

Thank you Frank and I thank everyone for your comments.
There were many people who worked behind the scenes—doctors and nurses, and who will remain unknown because they were willing to put their own careers and reputations on the line for Baby Cyrus. I personally did very little but I did everything I could possibly do to help as a retired physician to create a situation that would create as good an outcome as possible.

Casting a broad net of hateful calumnies against the entire medical and nursing professions, would have to include many individuals who helped baby Cyrus and Diego’s family get to the final resolution.

My arguement has always been against the administrators at st. Luke’s and the Board of Directors at that Institution that have allowed their emotions and political feelings to cloud their sense of justice and mercy.

I feel the same way about a very few individuals at the Idaho DHW, Child Protective Agency, and symbiotic relationship between the courts and the hospitals. The problems have long ago been identified and need to be addressed in my opinion ASAP.

Not everyone is bad. Conservatives and liberals alike forget Plato’s fallacy of composition. “What is true of the part is not true of the whole”
The great majority of physicians and nurses are competent, moral and ethical, and to those who behind the scenes put themselves on the line for Baby Cyrus we should all say thank you

I know these families personally and I am disgusted by this article. Its like your trying to make the argument that Ammon did something wrong and if he just would have done what you say or want then none of this would have happened. How can you be so arrogant? First of all it was not one man versus Saint Lukes it was Ammon and Diego. They fought together and got Baby Cyrus together with the help of thousands of their supporters. A Baby was kidnapped, do you not udnerstand that? And all you can say is that arrogance and hubris came from everybody? The only arrogance and hubris I see is from Doctor Livingston. It makes me wonder how many people you have killed as a Doctor since arrogance and hubris in Doctors is what kills people and is also what caused Baby Cyrus to be kidnapped in the first place.

I want an explanation for this: “Arrogance and hubris were practiced in the case by all the parties.” Please explain how Ammon and Diego practiced arrogance and hubris. And unless you can show that to be true then shut the $%^& up!

Thank you for your article. It is very sad what they are doing to Ammon. I hope and pray for a peaceful resolution.

Doctors and hospitals are evil and are the third leading cause of death in America. St. Luke’s has only proven this to be true. The best thing that can happen from here is for people to STOP GOING TO ST. LUKE’S! NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES EVER AGAIN!

I can’t see how Ammon Bundy did anything wrong. He engaged in non-violent protest against a thoroughly evil institution (St. Luke’s) that is guilty of murdering babies through abortion and carving up confused children in the name of their LGBTXYZ god. If anything, I wish Ammon and his network would do more. That evil hospital should be shut down and its doctors and executives forced to stand trial for murder. We will never get our country back until we punish these evildoers!

Our justice system is a mess. Judicial misconduct, prosecutions against people in order to “crush” them, bankrupt them, and make an example. out of them is not so uncommon these days. St. Luke’s gave a blank check to their henchmen from Holland and Hart and basically told them to “Go get him, boys! While you’re at it, take everything he has, everything he may ever have, put his family on the street and make an example of him so no one will EVER again DARE stand up and tell the truth about us!” That was how it went.

Ammon Bundy knew he would not stand a chance in Ada County and he was correct. HE DID NOTHING WRONG. He exercised his 1st Amendment Rights! Then, he made a calculated decision to continue on the campaign and just let the civil suit go into default. Somehow, someday this is going to be overturned. It has to be because it is a travesty of justice. A simple default is what should have taken place, with $50,000 judgement. But, somehow the Court let the prosecution keep this thing going for almost two years! That is WRONG.

This case is a prime example of a SLAPP lawsuit. (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) It was calculated. It was premeditated. It was St. Luke’s way of “GETTING EVEN.” They were exposed and it really made them mad. This next legislative session there needs to be a move to make these punitive suits illegal in Idaho. It was blatantly obvious that was what was happening. Any lay person could see it a mile away.

Ammon Bundy stands for those who government agencies “target.” He has a reputation for coming to the aid of those who are in need. Many call on him and others he simply sees and goes to help when others just let it happen. He is a brave man with values and principles far beyond most men I know. What has happened to him and his family is horrible and to top it off, the local mainstream media always invokes the standard SPLC labels of “far right extremist,” “anti-government,” and “militia leader,” none of which are true. He is however, anti-corrupt government and we all should be joining him on that one.

I think it’s time to get behind Mr. Bundy and for people to stand up for him, for a change instead of criticizing him for doing what is right.

It seems so sinister that the gang leaders at Luke’s feel the need to use a hatchet to remove a fly from a friend’s face only to injure themselves in the court of public opinion. Shameful !

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