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The Legislative Witch Hunt has begun

After listening to the Ethics Committee hearing for Priscilla Giddings, it is my opinion that there was no real evidence presented that was so damming us tax payers should be spending $100,000 on this Kangaroo court. Better yet the law firm that was questioning the witnesses for the committee allegedly contributed to Bedke’s 2016 campaign which is a huge conflict of interest. All the witnesses were asked if they thought Rep. Giddings was not telling the truth on the stand at von Ehlinger’s hearing with no actual evidence or facts just that they all felt she had lied. Why are they after Giddings? The same reason they went after Heather Scott several years ago. They are both the most conservative thorns in the side of the current administration and a threat to the good old boys club at IACI that runs this state. You know the IACI that says the legislature should not step in and stop the mandate on vaccinations at our two major non- profit hospitals. Giddings is the only republican who scores a 100% on the Freedom Foundation Freedom Index and that sticks in the craw of most of the RINO republicans. If you think for a minute that this is not retaliation from the Speaker Bedke and his cronies to get Giddings to back out of the Lt. Governor’s race your just kidding yourself. Bedke know he doesn’t have a chance of winning a race if she is running against him.

The fact is that Rep. Giddings posted a link on Facebook which she garnered from Redoubt News about the alleged rape victim of Rep. von Ehlinger which had her name and picture in it. It is not for us to judge if it was proper to post this link or not but we certainly don’t believe it should have brought about an ethics hearing were the participants appear ready to burn Giddings at the stake. Redoubt News is widely read throughout Idaho as is the Gem State Patriot. I would venture to guess that there are tens of thousands of readers. Rep. Greg Chaney who filed the first complaint inferred that the dissemination of this news article in Redoubt news was illegitimate until Rep. Giddings posted it on Facebook. Obviously Rep. Chaney knows nothing about how many people read Redoubt News. If he had he would not have made such a dumb statement but then again this is not the first time that Chaney has stepped into a pile of dog doo. This article was legitimized the minute it was posted in Redoubt and Giddings had every right to post it on Facebook as it was already out in the public eye. We should all keep in mind that this is the same Rep. Chaney who Co-sponsored a bill this past legislative session that would have made it illegal to protest outside the private homes of public officials. It appears that Mr. Chaney has not read the 1st amendment and would like to have control over our freedom of speech.

The second complaint was filed by Rep. Brooke Green along with 7 other democrats followed by an illustrious group of 16 misinformed RINOs, 7 of whose voting record is so bad it clearly demonstrates why they signed the complaint as they are in Bedke’s pocket. I was however surprised at some of the Republicans who signed this complaint and I have to question their judgement to go along with this farce. When you see names like John Vander Woude, Julie Yamamoto and Matt Bundy who consistently vote in the 70’s on the freedom index as complainants it has to make you wonder just what is going on in our legislature. Are we seeing an even bigger shift to the left and cronyism than we had thought? These charges were brought not because Giddings legitimized this article published in Redoubt but because she scares the daylights out of the RINOs and they want to dampen the public’s enthusiasm for her run to be our next Lt. Governor. This is nothing but a three ring circus of dancing RINOs that should never have been convened.

There is no question that this ethics committee should have never been called into session and this has been a total waste of the taxpayer’s money. This was a witch hunt from the beginning and the only thing Giddings was guilty of is posting a link that appeared on Redoubt News on Facebook. While some think this was bad judgement on her part it in no way should have had enough weight to call an ethics hearing. Greg Chaney was the instigator of this travesty of justice and he needs to pay the price at in next year’s primary. Here is supposedly a conservative Republican who votes only 55% of the time conservative. The man is a disgrace and should not be recognized as a conservative as he has showed his true colors with his attack on our freedom of speech and the right to assemble at the homes of legislators to protest.

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I will say there is a huge question about how this has been handled by our legislators and it reminds me of the Rep. Christy Perry, and Senator Jim Guthrie’s sexual indiscretions. There actions should have been addressed by an ethics committee but were swept under the rug with no ramifications to either one of these legislators. This was because both of them were members of the RINO Club so they got a pass. It was Guthrie who is still serving in the senate who proposed a bill this year that would have given illegal alien’s driver’s licenses.

The liberal media have made a mockery of this hearing because the last thing they want is someone as conservative as Giddings taking the number two spot in state government. I only hope that Janice McGeachin and Giddings win the number one and two spots as it will drive the liberals and the RINOs absolutely crazy. I hope the citizens of Idaho understand that the future of our state hangs in the balance of this next election. If we are burdened with another 4 years of Brad Doolittle and his crony elitists advisors we will continue to move in the direction of Oregon, Washington and California. So I say to all of the transplants who have moved here in hopes of finding a conservative way of life. You had better get your butts to the polls next year and make sure Doolittle and his cronies are not reelected or you might wish you have never moved to Idaho.

“We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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“…this is not the first time that Chaney has stepped into a pile of dog doo.” Actually, based on Rep. Chaney’s voting and actions, I decided long ago that he was a pile of dog doo, not just stepping in it.
Regarding the Perry/Guthrie adultery, not only were there no ramifications, they were given chairmanships and then Perry had the audacity to run for U.S. Representative. There is no shame in these people.
I wish that Rep. Dixon would have had the guts to stand up to Bedke and his cronies and say no that he was not going thru with this witch hunt. I lost some respect for him.

“Redoubt News” is not a reliable or a professional news agency. I have observed it’s “reporters” do false reporting to serve their chosen candidates. However sharing a post from RN is not unethical — at the very worst it’s just not the smartest move but unquestionably NOT criminal. On the other hand, Bedke and his merry band of RINOs and his pet desperate wannabe Senator Dixon have all spat upon “ethics” in Idaho with this obvious Democrat-style attempt at political assassination of a very popular and effective true statesman. Watch carefully as Dixon tries to do damage control having accepted leadership in this travesty. His minions — who have been hypocritical backstabbers to true patriots like Giddings and Scott —are scrambling to tell us what a swell guy he really is: sorry, it’s time to transpose his self-declared tagline to what he really is: “a politician NOT a statesman.”

I Pray the people of Idaho are smarter than the Progressive arm of our legislature believe us to be.
You saw how they lied and manipulated the Presidential election. It IS HAPPENING HERE. There is NO better person for office than Rep. Giddings. Unless you are Blue

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