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ED (Electile Dysfunction)

I hesitate to approach this very sensitive subject. After watching the Olympics—I actually stopped watching after the second night and being surprised by many of the commercials dealing with ED, foot fungus, feminine hygiene, sleep disorders, drug addictions, chronic pain, ankylosing spondylitis, and rheumatoid arthritis, I believe I am on good grounds in discussing the very sensitive topic of ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED).

I would like to today state unequivocally that we are in a “pandemic” of Electile dysfunction. For some reason, conservatives who love their country, who believe and revere the underpinnings of our great Republic—the Constitution and our Great Declaration, seem to be particularly preconditioned to contracting the disease. The disease affects all types of people—men-women, Blacks—White, Native Americans. Liberal, Progressive Democrats seem to be almost entirely immune from the disease. In fact, the mask of liberalism seems to be protective. If vaccinated with an infusion of “ill-logic” it is almost impossible to contract the dreaded disease. Once the disease infects an individual or a group, the joy of life, and our most intimate interactions come to a grinding halt. The most important step in overcoming this dreaded disease is to admit that you have it. Family and support groups can be very beneficial in helping with treatment and recovery, but one is never fully recovered as symptoms can come back at any time—usually in appropriate times. Those living outside of the disease and the pandemic can readily see the disease for what it is and in fact they can turn the disease back on the infected, making their own lives easier and their own positions more secure.

The symptoms of the disease are ubiquitous and can be found in almost any person which makes the disease difficult to treat in its early stages. The prodrome stages involve feelings of superiority, selfishness, and self-centeredness. Believing that one has all the answers and is uniquely qualified to handle the challenges of governance and government is a characteristic of many on both sides of the political abyss. Intuition soon replaces logic, and dogma supplants principles. Context and perspective are replaced by self-aggrandizing pronouncements. Introspection is replaced by self-promotion. Soon one comes to believe so much in themselves that they forget the very principles that originally defined them. For liberal progressive Democrats this process presents no problems because the underpinning of their political philosophy is situationally based—there are no real underpinnings. For Conservatives—especially Christian Conservatives this becomes problematic because the only way to march on in a campaign that now becomes more about personality than principle, is to deny—they will say refine, the principles they originally held to be sacred.

The future for Conservative and Conservative Christian Republicans in Idaho is concerning at least and maybe even depressing. We have three conservatives running for Governor in the Republican primary and they have been triangulated and essentially marginalized by the Romney/Kasich—RHINO establishment wing of our party. Each candidate on our side feels, as they should, that they are uniquely qualified to take on Governor Little Brad and lead the citizens of Idaho down a more liberty leaning path. But which one of the three cares more about themselves than the principles they espouse or the people they want to represent?

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I am reminded of the story in Kings1:3 about the two prostitutes that lived in the same house and had babies on the same night. One baby died and the grief stricken mother stole the other baby. King Solomon was presented with the contested custody and the two women stood before him. He called for a knife to divide the baby and the real mother stood up and said, give the baby to the women who stole my baby. She thus proved to the wise Solomon that she cared more about the baby than she did about her own feelings. Which one of the three Conservative Gubernatorial candidates would be willing to step down for the common good? That would be the one that I would want to vote for. In a one-on-one competition against Governor Brad we can win—just like we can win a one-on-one battle in the Lt. Governor’s race. Otherwise, we conservatives all lose and so do the citizens of Idaho.

I propose we conservatives produce a mechanism to identify and support one candidate. If we don’t, we will lose. I have some ideas, but that is beyond the purpose of this article. Whichever conservative candidate is unwilling to sign on to such a process is precisely the candidate I don’t want to vote for. They are essentially placing themselves above the cause—which is what the RHINOs and their close allies the Dems want us to do and are counting on.

There is a cure of ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED). It requires applying the principle of “service before self”. I wish we had a wise King Solomon that could help us out of this pandemic.

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