The Face of Socialism

If you don’t think something like true socialism can visit this nation, you’re not paying attention.

Venezuela is NOT the only country with out-of-control socialism, but it seems to be the poster child for it. See: Democrats Love Socialism

Socialism and Communism are societal failures when applied to more than a couple hundred people. The Indian tribes of North America lived under the communal social traditions and barely thrived… and they were probably the closest to successfully adapting the socialist concept of living. Socialism fails, not in spite of, but rather by the result of human nature. When the will and purpose (or effort) to live is removed, there isn’t much left. Faith in eternity is about all that keeps a human being taking the next step on their journey when all other reasons are removed, as exhibited in socialism and communism.

While driving around working on my chore list yesterday, I realized how truly different today is over yesterday; yesterday being the decade of the 1950’s. There’s no melancholy involved. In the 50’s and 60’s, we worried about keeping up with the Jones’s and the potential for a nuclear attack after we had invented the A-bomb in the 40’s. We went to school, we worked, we raised families with our 2.5 kids, we gossiped about nearly everybody and we bought TV and Stereophonic music machines and shag carpets. We encouraged farms and ranches to grow the food we needed and we exported the excess. We read Time, Life and Look magazines and the Reader’s Digest. We had hobos, hippies and minor crime, with the occasional outrageous criminal events… Charles Manson, etc. We invented seemingly useful products. We tried to fit in while figuring out what we were going to be when we grew up. We understood and were morally opposed to Socialism and Communism.

Today, on the other hand, we are immersed in violence, terrorism, outrageous crimes, kidnapping, child pornography, sex rings, drugs (both “legal” and illegal), chemicalized food substances, chemicalized air and water, corporate run politics, martial law light, politically controlled schools, media, and insurance, et al, while “socialism/communism” are being dangled in front of us as the cure for what ails us.

The dumbed-down are biting on and clamoring over each other for the barbed hook like starving fish. We are standing in line for days and fighting for the chains that we will put on ourselves to bind us to the mill wheel that will grind us into infamy or oblivion, whichever suits our nightmares.

We had personal freedoms unimaginable in any other country on this planet. Freedoms that were not only available but fiercely protected by our laws… which were supposedly based on our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Those of us from the wonderful baby boom KNOW the difference between yesterday and today. It’s not the result of the evolution of the species… and I’m not talking about “genetic” evolution. It’s the result of a purposeful dumbing down towards a utopian concept of the magic elixir of “socialism” where everyone gets to be miserable together, everyone gets to be in the utilitarian class of poverty, together… equal. Poverty isn’t based on IQ or stamina or character or morality or race or gender or hair color… poverty is the epitome of equality. Well, for everyone except those who administer it to the masses and keep it running efficiently. THEY have no intentions of being equal with us; it’s not in their playbook.

It seems to be human nature to want to see the “Big Guy” toppled or pulled down to our level, rather than to see ourselves elevated to his level through work and effort. THAT’s socialism: the two-class system. Without a middle class, there’s no hope of achievement, there’s only the plodding along of the mindless donkey or burro. There is NO one-class system. It doesn’t exist. Not on this planet. Maybe that’s why we want to move to and colonize another planet… maybe THEY have a one-class existence where everyone is equal.

The United States of America is the ONLY Constitutional Republic based on a democratic process in existence. THAT’s why everyone wants to immigrate here. Pretty much NO ONE is immigrating out of here! And yet, we forgot to water and feed this plant. It’s not a “succulent” that only requires TLC once in a great while. It’s an orchid. The greenhouse it lived in is being burned down and replaced with a Starbucks that has plastic flowers on the tables. The Great Socialist Experiment, that our prodigy have bought into and are ushering through the door, is about to replace one of the most significant Human Experiments ever attempted in the history of this Big Blue Marble. The silence following the death of the Constitutional Republic will be deafening, followed closely by the 3-digit decibel crash of extreme lamenting.

Once you learn the truth, you can never unlearn it.

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