‘The 9’ in Rubberstampville

The Nine’ is a book by Jeffrey Toobin about inside the secret world of the Supreme Court.


Idaho’s Ranking in 2012. Click image to see complete site.

‘The 9’ are some of the best legislators in the state of Idaho. 9 out of 12 legislators in the top four districts in the state, Districts 1 thru 4, are among the top 14 legislators in the state legislature comprised of 105 members. Actually, it should have been ‘The 10,’ but unfortunately, our upstart new Representative, Eric Redman, disappointed by deciding to vote with lobbyists and his new RINO friends on issues that conflicted with our Idaho Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

It’s doubtful we could ever reach a ‘The 12’ status due to the voting records of Senator Shawn Keough and Representative Luke Malek that are so poor they are actually in the minus ratings as measured by the Idaho Freedom Index Rating Metric.

It’s pretty easy sitting up here on high in beautiful ‘north’ Idaho to criticize our southern part of the state confederates to our constitutions with the stellar representation we boast.

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Up here in God’s country, the real Idaho, our fine servants of the people are just that and listen and work for our cares and exercise caution to be sure they follow our Idaho Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. Check them out with their total scores in the 2015 Idaho Freedom Index: Representatives: 1. Heather Scott ranked #1 (+116), 2. Don Cheatham ranked #2 (+108), 3. Ron Mendive ranked tied for #4 (+102), 4. Vito Barbieri ranked #5 (+100), 5. Kathleen Sims ranked 6 (+97), 6. Sage Dixon ranked #7 (+89) and Senators: 7. Bob Nonini ranked tied for #9 (+85), 8. Steve Vick ranked tied for #9 (+85) and 9. Mary Souza ranked tied for #12 (+78).

Although not part of our 4 districts I want to also acknowledge the other 5 members of that top 14 group. They are Representatives: 1. Distr. 21 Steven Harris ranked #3 (+94), 2. Dist. 34 Ronald Nate ranked tied for #4 (+93), 3. Dist. 7 Shannon McMillan ranked #8 (+88) and Senators: 4. Dist. 7 Sheryl Nuxoll ranked #10 (+84), 5. Dist. 21 Clifford Bayer ranked #11 (+79) and Representative Dist. 13 Brent Crane ranked tied for #12 (+78).

By comparison Redman, Malek and Keoughs’ scores were abysmal at (-5), (-32) and (-62) respectively.

South of here, and with lesser and too many shameful voting records for the most part there is a loud drumbeat from an unaccountable world of people that don’t understand math or do when the money is going their way, I suppose. The math comment is about Socialism. Socialism only lasts until it runs out of other peoples’ money and until then it really screws up a lot of commerce, budgets, jobs and freedoms. America is about opportunities from freedom not guarantees, subsidies, un-earned entitlements and government handouts.

It appears that our statehouse in Boise is actually a factory that hardly takes anything off the line because it isn’t right. What’s proposed is imposed for the most part, practically all new regulations are assumed to be ok if they are necessary or not. Leadership is in charge, discretion and debate be dammed! The statehouse factory could actually be named Rubberstampville.

American salesmen can sell anything. Literally! Anything and everything can be justified by well prepared and talented salesmen. Lobbyists are salesmen and legislators have access to checkbooks, never mind that the funds are entrusted to them by you and me.

“Much of government’s expanding regulatory power is dotted with assertions about saving the environment or protecting the earth. Yet the opposite happens when innovations and jobs cannot cross borders due to federal, state, county and even conflicting local regulations. Someone has to pay for the senseless regulatory systems we see today — and that someone is us.” – quote from “Government Regulations Hinder Economic Growth” by Donna Wiesner Keene in USA Today.

What is really shameful is that we citizen bosses are not doing the vigilant work of watchdogs meting out punishment at the voting booths. We are not watching these important voting indexes, this one for the state of Idaho and for watching the scoundrels in Washington, D.C. Too many of our citizens are getting the government they deserve for trusting oath breakers and opportunists.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano says in his little book ‘The Freedom Answer Book,’ “The fundamental flaw in our American political culture today is that we no longer believe that the government exists to serve our needs as individuals and members of a community. Instead, we seem to believe that the government is our master and therefore – since it is not bound by any constraints – able to determine for itself what is in our best interest.”

It is being proven that nothing could be more diametrically opposed to what our Republic stands for.

We must begin the hardest work of recognizing the abuses that this runaway mindset has created. The endless high numbers of incredibly unnecessary and damaging laws and regulations from agencies many of which are redundant and unaccountable need to be dealt with by strong willed patriots who have the mettle to expunge and simplify most of these ill begotten designs so that our true American system and our hungry commerce can breathe again and become the competitive nation we were designed to be in a truly free market unshackled by all this restraining regulatory nonsense.

Kermit the frog famously said it is tough being green. Actually, it is really tough work being a 9’er, and we love ’em. Your district could be so fortunate if you start watching voting records and vote them out immediately when necessary. It is a lot like the NFL. They don’t mess around with non-performers and we need to have hungry patriots in a second string also ready to go. Except this isn’t a game, this is nothing less than our survival as a sovereign state in a once great nation that is going to hell quickly from sorry politicians being franchised by careless citizens to evolve us into socialism.

Wrapping this up, once again, socialism has never succeeded in history! Socialism cannot succeed, because it always runs out of other people’s money as Margaret Thatcher said. The American system of Capitalism is what brought us and we need to get back to it quickly before it is too late. And that can and will happen, believe it or not, if we don’t ‘man up’ as Americans getting all elected officials doing what our blessed 9’ers do. And Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton can kiss my grits!

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