Government and its media minions are at it with utmost haste here in Idaho as they make great preparation to welcome hundreds of Syrian refugees to our peaceful communities. Ravaged by years of federal border neglect we have suffered the consequence of illegal migration. Our national identity has suffered in the isolation of competitive culture where language and cultural habits no longer melt in a pot that unified all peoples to become Americans. The concept of American exceptionalism is dying and even thought jingoistic in the circles that progress the leftist agenda.

Today experts tell us, Americans are too lazy and incapable of doing manual labor that was once known to be a fact of everyone’s life. A clever welfare industry has taken up the cause in support of a dependent class that now subsists upon fewer and fewer workers who make less and less money. Masters of this new universe have conveniently turned a blind eye to the pseudo-slavery invitation to manual laborers south of the border as necessary conscripts to support some 48 million dolts on food stamps.

Our borders are creeping open even wider as the culture of our forefathers who built this nation with grit and self-determination disappears. An aggressive contempt for constitutional government is taking a bold the step forward fueling cultural chaos by simple means of natural process. The left and their progressive acolytes have concocted a plan to assail average Americans with an innately dysfunctional proposition of Muslim refugee settlement. Their masterful political brinkmanship pitting race against race, poor against rich and compassionate opposite hate, and now Christian verses Muslim is bringing American idealism to a smoldering end; all under the auspices of a turned upside down Constitution.

To argue founding principles, individual liberty, the protection of property or States Rights is so foreign to most Americans that the declaration paints anyone who espouses such as small minded, out of touch with the era, and points a finger of hate. Intolerance, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia and hate crimes, are the rage of today’s buzz designed to impugn concepts of independence, self-determination and charitable conscience. They pit man against man in an all-out war of condemnation to every traditional recipe of tranquility ever known. The universal dust up requires those in conflict to lose sight of the ball and thereby necessitate an unbiased referee. Yes, your government is here to help you. So bow low and summon the judgement an all-mighty central government knows. Now, make ready government’s next insult.

Determination to live amongst one’s own choosing in a community built and sustained by the people of its founding is no longer a matter of local choice. You will assimilate, isn’t that the 28th Amendment?

Idaho open up your hearts to those ravaged by the dislocation of Middle Eastern conflict. Three hundred Syrians will make their way, by no choice of their own, to Twin Falls, more to Kuna, Idaho. Don’t say a word in rebuttal, this deal is sealed and sanctified by those on high. They bring an opportunity to show compassion and acceptance of a new and hopeful multi-cultural world. This is our way to give back to those suffering such mighty conflict in the lands where Muslim verses Muslim.

The dripping sweet strings of compassion hide a dimmer reflection of reality as qualified agents of government, media and higher education come together plucking the correct notes of charity while filling their pockets with cheer. These unfortunate souls whisked away from certain doom in their own lands turmoil are nothing but political pawns in this larger man’s game of thrones. Transported half way across the world, Muslim refugees will land in a strange and foreign land without firing a single shot in anger toward those who’ve pushed them out. These political pioneers from the East will come to Idaho like Cain wandering in the Land of Nod finding nothing familiar culturally or religiously and without aide of language comfort. Some may end up working at the billion dollar Chobani yogurt factory where a Turkish Kurd has made good on the backs of Idaho’s tax payers and Idaho’s Department of Commerce. Certainly the line of refugee well-wishers will soon leave their brethren’s sides and escape to whence they came the moment funding taps out. Then what? From whose compassion will these new Americans seek? How will they provide for their families? Most will struggle to find employment not being able to speak English, many will find it difficult to assimilate in this foreign land of Christian culture. The imposition of tolerance will fail on both sides of this culturally stretched rubber band and then it will break. What then?

Have we not seen enough refugee crises to understand that wholesale importation of Muslims into culturally opposite communities leads to polarity and violence? Paris, France; London, England and many Eastern European countries remain bitter against the failed notion of multi-culturalism. Must we meddle in the affairs of peoples so foreign to our way of life and concepts of justice to prove history wrong? Or does Barack Hussain Obama and the globalist elite know something we don’t?

This is what I know:

National borders support the American community and culture at large. No border, no country.

Culture and tradition are important to people who wish to live in peace and harmony. Challenge the historic character of a people and trouble will spout.

There would be no refugee problem if people had the protection in their country of the 2nd Amendment. Those without such protection are victims and refugees.

Americans do have a kind heart and are deeply concerned about the dire situation in the Middle East. Refugees however should be sponsored by individual Americans willing to host a family in their homes until fully assimilated to the language, culture and have the economic capacity to stand on their own. All such refugees must be vetted and proven to be good candidates for legal immigration and assimilation to the American way of life.

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