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TeaPartyBob: Conservative Idaho? Not any more

Good morning Kevin: Much of what you’ve been talking about this morning has to do with how our legislature allocates our tax dollars. For instance, our legislature just approved the largest supplemental appropriation in Idaho’s history for $369 million to cover the additional costs for Medicaid last year. We are giving our colleges over 20 million for courses identified to support the massive social justice infrastructure. We give $10 million to public television but we don’t have any money to take care of the mentally ill what does our governor have to say about these expenditures? Whatever the lobbyists tell him to think.

Our supposedly conservative legislators have the power to change this but they do nothing but talk. We have a serious problem with mental health in our state and the closing of schools and the restrictions put on Idahoans by our Governor will add to these problems in the coming years.

While I’m on the subject of healthcare apparently 7 (25%) of Idaho’s 28 rural hospitals are in danger of closing; 4 immediately.) It appears that St. Luke’s-Jerome and the Benewah Community Hospital are the most endangered. This comes from the Center for Health Quality and Payment Reform. If these hospitals close it is going to cause those with serious medical conditions to migrate from rural areas of our state to those that have larger populations that are already congested. Maybe the objective is to get people to move out of rural Idaho. We have too many RINOs in our legislature with misplaced priorities and we have to change that in the next election and elect some legislators that represent the people, not the lobbyists.

While the N.Y. State legislature is going to vote to end Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers we sit here in Idaho with our legislature still debating what to do about Littles emergency powers. Texas governor Abbot says Masks are no longer necessary and is opening his state while conservative Idaho’s capital still has a mask mandate and is restricting parents from attending their children’s soccer games. Makes you wonder why everyone is moving here. When will the people who live in Boise get so fed up with Mayor McLean’s antics that they ask for former Mayor Beiter to run against her? It’s high time our legislature seriously curtailed Governor Littles emergency powers and those of Mayor McLean and brought Idaho back to normal as the effects of closing our schools and businesses have caused untold damage, especially for our children. Instead of we have legislators like Rep. Chaney trying to get a bill passed that would further restrict our freedom of speech.

The Biden administration talking about a carbon tax that will hurt the middle and lower-income brackets disproportionally much like governor Little’s grocery tax and now a possible 4 cent rise in the gasoline tax. How many more ways can we hurt Idaho’s middle class. When are the voters of Idaho going to see that they have been electing too many of the wrong people for years and it is now costing them with higher taxes, more road congestion, and erosion of our constitutional rights? This is no longer the conservative state I moved to 28 years ago.


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You definitely have the solution for saving Idaho – purge the Governor and the Rhinos from our legislature. The solution is possible, but is it likely? Our recent history clearly demonstrates one sad fact – people, including our Rhino Legislators, choose money and power rather than principle and values. And, that is why we are still in this scamdemic “emergency” during the 9th week of Legislature. I hate to say it, but I fully expect Idaho and the rest of the entire United States to follow the foot steps of ancient Israel. We, State and Nation, will have to suffer the effects of socialism, total tyranny and slavery before the citizens are willing to turn back to our Christian God and our founding principles and values.

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