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TeaPartyBob: A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

Comments by TeaPartyBob on this morning’s Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio – 107.5 FM & 580 AM

Good morning Kevin: I would just like to remind everyone that if they would like to help the families of the 3 National Guardsmen who perished financially, they can go to the Gem State Patriot website and contribute until the end of February. If I get cut off, it is because we have had internet problems the last few days up here in God’s country.

So while we watch our congress and senate try to impeach former president Trump for something he did not even say before the rush on the capitol, Friday, Antifa and Black Lives Matter marched down the streets of our capital threatening diners and chanting “Burn It Down”. Video footage uploaded by independent journalists on the scene showed Antifa types fighting with police officers who were trying to keep them away from restaurants. Is this what we should expect for the next 4 years from the left? Will they take our country and turn it upside down?

They have already started to purge the strong conservatives like Lou Dobbs because he had the courage to speak out against their tyranny. I do think that after a year or two of this, we will find that Americans will be tired of having big government tell them how to live their lives. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter will lose a huge part of their audience and people will begin to find ways to express themselves as new conservative platforms are developed. You may have watched the super bowl yesterday, but I refused to after seeing the Biden commercial for the masks before the game. I think the citizens of America are going to see corruption come back to Washington with a vengeance and figure out that Trump wasn’t as bad as they thought.

Everyone talks about unity but it is difficult at best to have unity when you have the left attacking conservatives at every opportunity. We all sat quietly by while the liberal media companies basically took over the airwaves and big tech encroached on our privacy for the past 30 years, and we are now seeing their end game was to control those who use their platforms.

Joe Biden has executed 47 executive orders and actions in just 16 days in office—twice as many as Obama, Bush, and Clinton combined.” It may take a few months of this before Americans see the mistake they made at the voting booth last November, but the real story will be told in the 2022 elections. Americans have been fooled by the media, but I don’t think it will last. The tide will change back in the next elections.

We are not only seeing this assertion of power by the executive branch at a national level; it is taking place at the state level with governors like Newsom in California imposing their will on the people who are getting closer to having him impeached. It is no different in our own state as we see governor Little and his cadre of RINOs continue to block the legislature from making changes to his emergency powers by keeping them in committee. Our conservative legislators keep putting up some great legislation and the RINOs keep killing it.

You have a governor who says he will sign a repeal of the grocery tax if the bill is presented to him, but Rep. Steven Harris the committee chairman will not allow a vote, so it will not see the light of day. The people are no longer in charge of their state; it is being run by IACI and its members who are pulling all of the strings necessary to see that no legislation passes that will change the balance of power at our capitol. Wake up Idaho, the RINOs are running wild in our statehouse.

One reply on “TeaPartyBob: A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”

I agree with T Party Bob. I lived in Europe for
6 years and South America for 3years and made contact with high level and middle class persons
That opened my eyes as to the dangers of coming dictorship. I am being censored by local news media. Nothing new in Europe and South America but it’s now I’m America
Best regards
Bob Bartol

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