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Phony Impeachment, States Need to Push Back

Comments by TeaPartyBob on this morning’s Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio – 107.5 FM & 580 AM

Good morning Kevin: I would just like to mention that the Gem State Patriot has opened up its website to accept donations for the families of the three national guardsmen who perished in the helicopter crash. Just go to and click the donate button. All donations made on our website till the end of February will go to these three families.

This phony impeachment trial is going nowhere and there is no chance of getting the 67 senate votes necessary to impeach Donald Trump, a civilian. The simple fact that Judge Roberts decided he would not sit on this inquisition told us that this trial is not even constitutional. This is a much-ado-about-nothing scenario and it will go down in history as just a huge waste of time and money.

The Democrats talk about unity, but it is difficult at best to have unity when you have the left attacking conservatives at every opportunity. We all sat quietly by while the liberal media companies basically took over the airwaves and big tech encroached on our privacy for the past 30 years, and we are now seeing their end game was to control those who use their platforms. Big tech needs to be reined in through our state legislatures like is being done in Florida, as it appears the democrats have no apatite to take on the very people who helped them win the election.

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It is more important now to have conservatives in our state legislatures along with governors who will fight for the people they represent. States must be willing to push back against the national agendas brought forward by the president and his democratic majority. We need governors who are more interested in serving the people than in serving the corporate lobbyists that pay for their election campaigns. We hear governor Little say we need to stay in a state of emergency to get more federal aid, but at what cost? This is not money that is free, and it will have to be paid back by our children and grandchildren while we will have to live with whatever strings they attach to these funds.

The Gem State Patriot has published time and time again the voting record of Idaho’s legislators, but it never seems to sink in that we have a bunch of RINOs in our legislature. In case some of your listeners don’t realize, more than two-thirds of our state senators are moderate to liberal and will stall or stop any conservative legislation pushed by our house, which is still reasonably conservative. We have many bills being held up in committees by chairmen who do the bidding of our RINO governor and his IACI buddies. Rep. Steven Harris has been stalling a vote on repeal of the grocery tax so it will die in committee and the governor won’t have to live up to his word that he would sign it if it passes the legislature. If we want to bring back conservatism in our representatives, we will have to take the time to learn who they are and what they stand for, because we as a people have a problem of just voting for anyone with an R after their name at the polls.

On a different subject, the residents of Tampa, Florida need to recall their Mayor. The more we learn about masks, the less we are finding them effective. Even Dr. Pate former director of St. Luke’s said that you need to wear two masks—or even three—for them to be effective. You heard from Dr. Livingston that the only mask that is effective is the N95 variety, and it is only effective for a few hours before it has to be changed.

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One reply on “Phony Impeachment, States Need to Push Back”

Both Senator Risch and Senator Crapo voted “yes” on the resolution to proceed with the 2nd phase of the sham impeachment trial! If that is representative of the majority of Idahoans then despite me being a native of this great state, it is time for me to leave. If it is not, then they both need to be soundly defeated in their next bid for re-election.

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