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Op-ed: Boys in Bras

With the growing tide of LBGTQ activism and the constant press of an acute minority on the senses of the people, we now face yet another of their many man-made crises. The whole transgender movement [along with the LBGTQ movement] is only a smokescreen, but an effective one at that. Communists in our midst are […]

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The Difference between Real Men and Paid Performers

There is a purity to the competition. These are real students who will have real jobs when they graduate. And they just aren’t any jobs. They knowingly accept the rigors of military discipline and subject themselves to the academic rigor that prepares them to serve in our military. My former defensive backfield coach at Wittenberg […]


Donald Trump 35 — NFL 0

This is the story of the suicide of the NFL. Are you listening, Jim Murren and MGM? This is a case study for how to destroy a billion-dollar business by injecting your offensive leftist politics and alienating your own customer base. President Trump has done it again. No, I don’t mean he’s offended millions of […]

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Tossing the Political Football on their Knees

In my younger years on Wall Street, I got to work with and rub elbows with any number of professional football players like Scott Eaton, Spider Lockhart, and Chuck Mercene who after being injured turned to Wall Street to make a living. These men would have never even thought of taking a knee they had […]

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