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Op-ed: Boys in Bras

With the growing tide of LBGTQ activism and the constant press of an acute minority on the senses of the people, we now face yet another of their many man-made crises. The whole transgender movement [along with the LBGTQ movement] is only a smokescreen, but an effective one at that. Communists in our midst are working ever harder to destroy our basic family values.

Their most recent idiocies [supported by mainstream media] are the relatively rare but seemingly ever-present situations where boys pretend to be girls or [as mental illness grows] truly want to be girls, and then compete in girls’ sports at high school and collegiate levels.

This whole ‘Boys in Bras‘ situation has gotten entirely out of hand requiring legislatures of various states to present legislation aimed at protecting school girls from the unfair competition that males present. Look at the sports of football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and even track and field. One can see that allowing Boys in Bras to compete in girls’ sports will assure the death of girls’ sports altogether. From your local middle and high schools to the fields of colleges and universities, girls’ sports will be driven to extinction unless the government passes effective legislation to prevent the tragedy of ‘Boys in Bras’.

Medical Fact: Even after complete gender reassignment, the newly created ‘she-boy‘ retains most masculine physical and biological traits and characteristics which place him at an unfair advantage over girls in any sports environment. His muscle mass is more developed. He retains far more muscle mass than a female. His heavier bone density helps to effectively support the naturally heavier musculature which continues even after gender reassignment.

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May God help us if this trend infests Olympic competition? When girls’ sports have died under the onslaught of boys in bras, the fields of professional and Olympic women’s sports is almost certain to follow suit.

Halting the tide of boys in bras invading female sports is our duty for the sake of self-preservation. If we wish to preserve the separation through respect of male and female according to natural law we need to take action now. Only by contacting your state legislators and voicing your opinion loudly and clearly can you hope to stem the tide of ever-growing LBGTQ divisiveness.

Separation between male and female and the manners and courtesies of our forebears must be maintained if society is to remain cohesive. The very lubricant of society is courtesy. A key element of courtesy is fairness and openness. We must keep alive the embers within the fires of true manhood and womanhood.

Looking to grind teeth from the gears of society are those mean-spirited elitist Communists and Socialists [there’s not a whole lot different one from another] who would press upon us to defeat gender fairness legislation which protects girls. They claim that such legislation is ‘cruel’, when it is actually kind. In a nation that celebrates its women, this is a blow to every woman and every feminist. It’s a blow to every man who respects femininity. It’s beyond cruel, it’s dastardly. Those who would call this sort of legislation hateful are, in fact, haters themselves. This bill is clearly designed to protect girls and women in sports from the ultimate cheaters … boys in bras.

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3 replies on “Op-ed: Boys in Bras”

Well stated, Dr. Why would young females what to compete in sports where they would be dominated by BIB’s? That would be a humiliating experience and lower ones esteem. Idaho is doing the right thing by getting ahead of it. This is not hateful discrimination but protects the young ladies who wish to enroll in sports. Don’t put up with the liberal spin on this from the Idaho Democrats.

RE Dr. Max Allen’s article: This is just common sense. REAL women are different from PHONY women such as the transgender men PRETENDING to be women! Thank you to every legislator who opposes such absurdity. Many weeks ago I saw part of a program on TV–I think it was on Idaho Public TV–which mentioned that a pile of bones, thousands of years old, had been found and that they were WOMEN’S bones. Women’s bones are different from those of men.

And female DNA is different from male DNA. Just what will it do to law enforcement investigations if the police find evidence at a crime scene indicating it was committed by a MALE and yet that person has been able to change his birth certificate and other documents to say he’s FEMALE??

Plus, these PHONY females give me the creeps when I see them and I never, ever want to see one of them in a public women’s bathroom I’m using. I see them as extremely SELFISH people who care nothing about the feelings of others.

To support this transgender agenda is absurd and unscientific. Our society is losing its collective mind.

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