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More Shenanigans, More Spending, And Less Tax Relief!

Our Joint Finance Appropriations Committee (JFAC) voted early in the 2024 legislative session to split our state agency budgets. This meant the House and Senate would vote on the maintenance segment of the state budget, and then have debate on the line items or new requests (including governor’s requests) to determine wants and needs. This […]

John Livingston

The Smell of Money

My wife and I passed the Capitol on State Street yesterday on our way up to Table rock to look at the Elk herd wintering on the Boise front. There was little going on at the Capitol inside or outside four days before Inauguration Day. We didn’t see any Elk, but we did see a […]


Digital Currency & Economic Transformation

Perhaps many Americans really don’t understand how the U.S. or even the world economy works. However, most do recognize the massive explosion of debt the U.S. is accruing. A deeper understanding of the economy is needed to understand how our economic system will most likely collapse in order for a new monetary system to be […]

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Where Does The Money Go?

In 1974, I was assigned as a Navy medical student for 3 months active duty at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth VA. This was at the end of the Viet Nam War and I had the privilege of being involved in the care of many wounded and injured sailors, soldiers and Marines including 36 returning […]

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