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Director Jeppesen’s retirement from Health & Welfare should not end scrutiny of scandals

Originally published by the Idaho Freedom Foundation Idaho Health and Welfare Director Dave Jeppesen’s recent retirement announcement followed the previous week’s Joint Finance and Appropriation Committee (JFAC) fall budget review. We can’t be sure that the two are connected, but there were two damaging reports tied to Health and Welfare under his leadership.  IFF has […]

John Livingston

Idaho Health Information Exchange

The Tip of the Iceberg The Idaho Health Information Exchange bankruptcy and the subsequent coverup by The Department of Health and Welfare and at the highest levels in the executive branch of Idaho government is a disgrace, but also is a metaphor about the power of influential lobbyists and corporations in our State that continue […]

Bob's Words of Wisdom

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Budget Growing Like a Cancer

We should all thank Audrey Dutton for her extensive reporting on the Idaho Health Data Exchange as it continues to prove to us the incompetency of Idaho’s Health and Welfare Department. We have been calling for an audit of this Bureaucratic behemoth for several years, but it appears that no one in the political arena […]

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