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Attorney General Labrador announces $350 million settlement with marketing firm over role in opioid epidemic

(BOISE) – Thursday, Attorney General Raúl Labrador announced a $350 million national settlement with Publicis Health to resolve investigations into the global marketing and communications firm’s role in the prescription opioid crisis. Idaho will receive nearly $1.6 million from the settlement to help address the opioid crisis. “The opioid crisis has been a national tragedy […]

John Livingston

Idaho’s War on Fentanyl — Let’s Try Again on HB 406

All one has to do to see the devastation that has been brought by drug use and its impact on the potential of human capital is to go to Pioneer Square in Seattle or go two blocks from Temple Square in Salt Lake City or go to Portland or any of our major cities. The […]

Bob's Words of Wisdom

Guns are not the Problem – Drugs and Crime are the Problem

Idaho in a state of transition? The only thing the liberal media seems to be interested in talking about is how this shooting in Tennessee happened because of guns. Does anyone believe that this shooter was in their right mind killing these innocent people? Every year the evidence mounts that people like this do not […]

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