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Guns are not the Problem – Drugs and Crime are the Problem

Idaho in a state of transition?

The only thing the liberal media seems to be interested in talking about is how this shooting in Tennessee happened because of guns. Does anyone believe that this shooter was in their right mind killing these innocent people? Every year the evidence mounts that people like this do not get the treatment necessary to help them with their mental illness. In today’s world if someone is despondent and suffering from depression physicians continue to prescribe drugs that have proven time and again to be the reason that sends them off the deep end. Many of these people are psychologically unbalanced and need therapy but we no longer provide this kind of help through our medical systems.

The real question is why 40 million Americans are on some form of drug that deals with depression. Can anyone remember the last time they sat through a TV show that didn’t have a drug commercial in it? I believe drugs have become the easiest thing to prescribe, and physicians continue to dole out these drugs at an alarming rate while not emphasizing the potential dangers associated with them. Big Pharma is just as culpable as they promote these pharmaceuticals on TV like they were candy. These drugs are being advertised and sold as the with all to end all your problems, however in reality these antidepressants are causing more problems than they solve as their usage continues to expand.

We only have to look at the history of the worst mass shootings committed by people on antidepressants since the late 1980s when these drugs were introduced, and it tells a sad story. You need only research the details of some of the worst mass shootings since the late 1980s to discover every one of these shooters had been on antidepressants with a total death count of 255 and 357 injured. While these numbers are disturbing, they seem insignificant when compared the numbers to shootings in a major city like Chicago. While the liberal media sensationalizes these school shootings, they always seem to avoid talking about the fact that in 2022 Chicago had 695 homicides and 2,600 injured. Facts are that according to currently available FBI statistics Rifles – the category that includes guns sometimes referred to as “assault weapons” – were involved in only 3% of firearm murders. Certainly, tragic statistics but seemingly not worth the attention of the liberal media as it does not advance their agenda to ban assault weapons as strongly as a school shooting does.

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Folks we don’t have a gun problem in our country we have a drug and crime problem, but the liberal media and politicians don’t want to talk about these problems. Instead, they continue to allow big pharma to roll in billions of dollars by advertising anti-depression drugs on TV while saying little about their side effects or the serious drug culture that has developed in our country. It is big pharma and an open southern border that is playing a big part in destroying the moral and ethical values of America while killing hundreds of thousands of both children and adults. Unfortunately, you will not hear the liberal media talk about these issues instead they will continue to press for gun control. Let me tell you folks that your second amendment right is the last line of defense to protect you from a government run amok and hell-bent on taking away your constitutionally guaranteed 2nd amendment rights.

While currently, Idahoans feel secure in their second amendment rights they should be vigilant that those they choose to serve in government are true conservatives and are willing to stand up for our constitutional rights, especially our sheriffs. Idaho is not immune to the influx of liberals disguised as conservatives running for elected office in hopes of changing the policies of our state. We got a taste of this when our governor under the guise of a State of Emergency with only one covid case declared many draconian measures. These edicts were the arbitrary closing of non-essential businesses, restricting the sale of drugs such Hydroxychloroquine, allowing health authorities to close schools, and requiring face masks with no scientific evidence that they work. These measures certainly qualified as a suspension of our constitutional rights, and this must never happen again. The question will always remain why didn’t our legislators step in and question the Governor’s authority to issue such edicts?

Idaho’s government and health officials spread the fear of the covid virus far and wide to obtain absolute control of our state for the sake of collecting billions of federal funds. What most Idahoans don’t realize is it was all about the money not about protecting our citizens or small businesses. My question is why was governor Little reelected for a second term after this horrendous display of unconstitutional political power over the people he is supposed to be serving?

Idahoans have seen the transition of our highly populated cities move from conservative to moderate and liberal over the past 20 years. We believe this trend will continue to be the root cause of Idaho’s legislators becoming more moderate and even moving to the far left while keeping an R next to their name on election day. The traditional values of Idahoans are changing as more moderates from states like California, Oregon, and Washington continue to settle in our once reddest of the red states. As I have said many times before much of Idaho is in the process of turning blue. Those of us still fighting have already taken the Woke crowd to task and are still battling the teaching of critical race theory in our public schools because of MOUs attached to federal money.

We are now fighting to keep our children safe from the new transgender justifications by the federal government. Each year we are challenged by more problems brought to our state by the federal government and local Woke elected officials like Boise’s Mayor McLean. I keep asking Idahoans to wake up and see how our state has been changing and urging them to stop electing legislators and executives like Governor Little who are the reason we are turning into another Denver. Unfortunately, they never seem to understand the danger they are putting themselves in as their state will turn bright blue in the not-too-distant future if they don’t change their voting habits.

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This article is spot on! As a society we should focus more on mental health and drug addiction. People get stuck on one agenda and can’t see anything else due to their tunnel vision. Just think how much better our communities would be if they would turn the focus around.

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