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Petition Initiative to Re-Establish Meridian Library District

Dear Ada County Commissioners: Again, we want to thank you for taking the time to accommodate the meeting to discuss the Concerned Citizens of Meridian petition initiative as part of the process to Re-Establish the Meridian Library District through a Democratic process. We ask that you put our petition initiative on the ballot at the […]

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Rookie Politicians and On the Job Training

Why we need experts to fix our infrastructure and growth problems Thank You, Kevin Miller, for having ACHD Commissioner Kent Goldthorpe on your podcast this morning. I believe what we have learned from his comments is that there is no real central planning for road and highway infrastructure when you have the Ada County commissioners […]


Board’s Boise Garage Boondoggle

If you think it is acceptable for the Board of Ada County Commissioners to keep unspent property taxpayers’ dollars at the end of each fiscal year for several years, place them in a slush fund for future use, and then spend them on a large capital project while providing few details and little or no […]

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