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Swamp Master Bedke Meets the Gator

We have been wondering when the Heather Scott story would come full circle back to Speaker Bedke and thanks to Redoubt News we now have the bigger picture of how morally corrupt the leadership of our legislature is. We had said that the Speaker doth protest too much. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we will surely hear cries of “Liar Liar” and “this never happened” or “where is the recording of the conversation?” This is the usual tact taken when our politicians are caught with their pants down and never expected to be exposed in the public eye. Our congratulations to Ms. Cochrane who came forward and ratted out these morally corrupt politicians because it tells us that we have been making the wrong choices for the people who represent us in our government.

Our hope is that the liberal media will finally rake these leaders over the coals in the same manner they attacked Rep. Heather Scott. Will Speaker Bedke be waving his morality flag the same way he waved it for Rep. Scott? We think not. We wonder just how long this type of locker room behavior has been going on at our state house and why it was tolerated. The bigger question is why didn’t Senator Davis an attorney report this behavior by Rep. Bedke to the ethics committee instead of coming to his defense? Was this an ethics violation on Davis’s part for not reporting this complaint?

We are sure that the media will come to the aid of the Speaker and claim foul play by Ms. Cochrane who evidently was very disturbed by this conversation that took place in her presence. Many will ask why Ms. Cochrane did not come forward sooner. If you put yourself in her position and consider the powerful people you are dealing with and the retribution they could shower on her, it is understandable. We should all be thankful that she did bring this forward knowing the potential ramifications that might follow.

Why should anyone have to put up with listening to such a lewd conversation especially at our state capital during a committee session where we expect a certain type of decorum by our elected representatives? This type of unprofessional behavior should not be tolerated and if Ms. Cochrane’s notarized affidavit is truthful, and we have no reason to believe it is not, then these individuals should immediately tender their resignations.

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The remarks that Ms. Cochrane sites in her affidavit by Speaker Bedke and Mr. Perry are beyond the pale. The fact that long-term members of our house even spoke these words tells us that there is a rot in our capital that most of us have suspected but couldn’t put our finger on. Ms. Cochrane is a brave soul to bring this behavior by our officials to the attention of the voting public and to be sure she will be vilified over and over again by the press for blowing the whistle. We have to wonder if this story will cause more people to will step forward and help clean out this morally corrupt locker room of a capital.

We have said it before and we will say it again, we need term limits and we as voters need to pay more attention to the people who we elect to office because if this is any example of our ability to choose good people we are in big trouble.

Remember “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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